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New Briefs 29-04-2005

Prepare for a slight taste of onion today. Unfortunately, it’s not in the story about a fast-moving cloud.

  • 594-page hand-written ‘Genealogy of Christ‘ was analysed at a top auction house today.
  • Discovery of 450 Million Years Old ‘Missing Link’.
  • New evidence challenges “Out-of-Africa” hypothesis of modern human origins.
  • Lord God Is Resurrected!: The ivory-billed woodpecker, last seen in 1944 and long thought extinct, has been rediscovered in the Big Woods area of Arkansas. An excerpt from The Race to Save the Lord God Bird. Amazon US and UK.
  • Mycenaean Port of Athens, associated with myths of Theseus and the Argonauts, Has Been Found.
  • Ancient Metalworkers Burned Out of History.
  • Anonimo Mexicano: an English translation of the late sixteenth century Classical Aztec manuscript.
  • Do you believe in fairies? Your great-great-grandparents would have said, “Of Course!”
  • The Guardian‘s take on the Philadelphia Experiment.
  • Some deaths mark the end of an era, as with the passing of kings, presidents, and certain beloved pop stars, but seldom do they signal the end of a particular species, the last of their kind.
  • Sonofusion: ‘bubble power‘ researchers present more convincing evidence, and explain how they plan to turn their improved apparatus into a full-scale electricity-generating device.
  • The Twilight Zone: A ‘creature of the oil industry’, who taught for 11 years at the Royal School of Mines, has revealed six shocking things he’s discovered over the past year.
  • Richard Leakey On Climate.
  • Why Do Some People Have a Conscience, While Others Don’t?
  • Mysterious interference is playing havoc with British cars.
  • Britain To Go Nuclear: Downing St. is drawing up secret plans for new generation of nuclear power stations.
  • Another day at the hydrogen-powered office.
  • Lunar Tourism by 2020?: just think of the economic value of traveling in space.
  • Engineer turns bacteria into living computers.
  • Scientists confirm Earth’s energy is out of balance.
  • Climate Change Threatens Food Supply: Rise in ground-level ozone limits photosynthesis, resulting in 20 percent loss in crop yields.
  • Smarter honeybees: can selective breeding produce enough of them fast enough to avert an agricultural crisis?
  • NASA Gives Artificial Gravity A New Spin.
  • Stellar Rebirth: Old star’s re-ignition of fusion reactions has surprised astronomers — by failing to follow their computer simulation’s script.
  • Eliminating enzyme dramatically reduces cardiovascular disease, lowers levels of atherosclerosis by 85 percent.
  • What’s worse than a cold, and almost as deadly as influenza? Something you’ve probably never heard of, that’s far more common than previously thought. RSV: the other ‘flu’.
  • Yale researchers identify molecule for detecting parasitic infection in humans.
  • Use of Insecticides Linked to Lasting Neurological Problems for Farmers.
  • New Role for Ecstacy: drug will soon be used to treat a handful of traumatized vets from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Internal combustion engines to be made cleaner, more efficient, with the help of newly found algorithms for a so-called ion current analyzer. For David.
  • Microbial Fuel Cell: High Yield Hydrogen Source And Wastewater Cleaner.
  • Molecular motors that shuttle material within living cells cooperate in a delicate choreography of steps, rather than engaging in the brute-force tug of war many scientists had imagined.
  • Ten-year experiment proves ‘No-till‘ is key to keeping carbon in the soil, and greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.
  • Already covering 6,000 square miles, the Gulf of Mexico’s dead zone may grow even larger in 2005.
  • Snooze news: gene discovery helps researchers zero in on cellular mechanisms of sleep. A single mutation may control how much – or how little – you need.
  • Swiss complete world’s third longest rail tunnel through the Alps.
  • Binoomea: Australian Aborigines legendary underground world.
  • Teen orgies go by another name, and raise a ruckus in the UK.
  • The Imminent Threat: One primative nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude would produce a devastating electromagnetic pulse that would send US back to a nineteeth-century lifestyle. Republican Senator’s article: ‘Unready For This Attack’. Iran military journal eyes EMP attack.
  • Britain says it will not support any U.S. military action against Iran.
  • The Forces That Set the Agenda: who’s molding collective thought?
  • Ally or Enemy?: Saudi chief justice urges young Saudi men to join battle against US in Iraq.
  • Bush escapes to bunker, VP is evacuated, as fast-moving cloud bears down on White House. So what do you think they thought it was?
  • The number of people killed by terrorists each year is surging upward. Critics pounce.
  • Down to the Wire: The US has fallen far behind in deploying broadband and the latest mobile phone technologies. Having the slowest, most expensive, and least reliable broadband in the developed world will soon cost it dearly.
  • Lessons from German History.
  • Freakonomics author says “an economist — whose science is less a subject matter than a science of measurement, of proving cause and effect — is in a position to see through all kinds of clutter, from the cultural to the ideological.”
  • Banks are installing anti-money-laundering software on a massive scale. The new systems may help track al-Qaida, but they’ll also track everyone else’s money.
  • Victorian values revisited as the rich-poor health gap widens.
  • Income Inequalities: ‘progressives‘, ‘conservatives‘, and ‘the faithful‘ continue to argue over who’s to blame, while the design flaws of money itself (pdf) continue to be largely unknown, unexamined, unquestioned, or ignored.
  • Revolt of the Middle.
  • TV’s distracting visuals: the crawls, the anchor person, sports scores, weather forecast, the stock index — are conflicting bits of information that make it more difficult to attend to and remember the central message. No, it wasn’t just you.
  • Girls who identify with certain fairytale characters are more likely to stay in destructive relationships as adults.
  • Did they really need functional magnetic resonance imaging to prove ice cream stimulates brain’s pleasure centres?
  • Sherlock Holmes: imagining the fictional detective’s life at age 93. A review of A Slight Trick of the Mind. Amazon US and UK.
  • New fast, low-cost, human motion animation system needs no markers, bodysuits, or other sensors; allows animated characters to be generated and displayed in real-time.
  • Oxford scientists develop spin transistor that works up to 1,000 times better than previous designs.
  • Has the American Dream given way to the European Dream?
  • “Nothing to it”: 80-year-old carries friend out of fire.
  • Eight Ain’t Enough for the Rattlesnake King.
  • Amazing New Hyperbolic Chamber Greatest Invention In The History of Mankind Ever — and kinda like some of today’s news articles.

Thanks Bill.

Quote of the Day:

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

John Kenneth Galbraith

  1. My God Kat!!!
    There’s enough news there to keep me going for the weekend if I don’t do anything else, like eat or sleep.

    The underground aboriginal stuff is great as is everything else.

    Thank you,

    love shadows

    1. Lord God – in honor of the woodpecker
      Now, Shadows…

      Think of it this way… If most readers are only interested in about half of the articles, then everybody will still have plenty of interesting stuff to read. But you still won’t have time to eat. And as everybody already knows, you and I hardly ever sleep, whether there’s too much interesting stuff to read or not. haha Just be sure you take time to feed the parrot or he’ll take to eating your keyboard keys again.

      So what do you think about that fast-moving cloud?


      1. I thought you were blaming me…
        …just because I had a roast garlic pizza yesterday.
        Now that was a cloud!

        The cloud over the WhiteHouse though is interesting.Sounds like the aliens are taking an interest in Dubya.
        I have read many times that UFOs appear in clouds and disappear in them so could be in for an exciting time.

        Of course I predicted this in a news blog some time back.The aliens took Dubya with them and said his mother would spank him when they got him home.
        I’m sure they were from Betelguise.

        La da de da.

        Sort of makes me happy.Can’t imagine why.


        Hey Kat,
        I just remembered I heard a news report on the radio tonight about Dubya being rushed to a bunker but they said a plane had ventured into the WhiteHouse airspace.

        You mean they LIED????


  2. terrorism victims
    Looks like the number of people killed by terrorism is quite low compared to significant causes of death. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to live in fear.

    1. victim-eyes
      Greetingzzz EARthling,

      This is treacherous talk, and the terrorists wont like it ! Be joyful and consider what you don’t know won’t hurt- but it can. Then again digital backwaters will most likely become bastions of fearful ignorance ruled by “Philistine Nazi Neanderthals”. For sure they will refuse access to the hyperbolic chamber to anyone that doesn’t need to know. Warning ! Asking about it wil get you that other, smelly chamber, better move to asia and let your humodan-avatar do the honours.

      ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

        1. indeed
          Hi Tox and earthling

          >>I thought this site was in english.

          I think Tox is being (a little darkly) humorous. And if so, I think I ‘got’ all of it, so it must have been in English. “let your humodan-avatar do the honours” stumped me at first, but I’m guessing the h-avatar would be a substitute or projected ‘self’, sort of like a character that’s ‘you’ when you’re playing a computer game. You’re certainly not happy when your game-character gets in a dicey situation, and you may do whatever you can to help out, but when it comes to, say, the possibility of falling off a cliff, it’s not a situation you’d really want to be in yourself.

          Correct me if I’m wrong, Tox. 😉

          1. Oh
            I thought it was a humorous post (and still do), just didn’t understand any of it. Actually on this site, it’s hard to tell sometimes who is serious and who is practicing their talent for parody. So I just interpret it the way I feel on a particular day 🙂

          2. Whatever did the dino’s do for us
            Hi Kat & Earthling,

            Well Kat you got it, you probably recognised the amalgamation of the 3 links (human motion animation system, fallen far behind, hyperbolic chamber).
            The use of avatars will greatly increase in the ‘medium’ future , however one needs a digital highway to make the most of it. As for the hyperbolic chamber where the emperors new clothes are sown, it is top secret naturally. Having avatars inquire or do your thing means keeping the body out of harms way from those nasty nazi neanderthalers . Whatever did the dino’s do for us- except for making way-as did the neanderthalers – extinct for 30,000 years and still all that abuse?

            So EARthling i like a bit to play with words and use phonetics, ‘thus’ this distract from your abilty to grasp, or have you been so pre-overcooked by your societal lowest common denominator mmmental attitudes, that you consider anything out of the ordinairy as non american, thus alien, therefore suspect at best, more likely unwanted.

            ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

          3. Andale gringo, hablar espagnol ?
            Hi Earthling,

            Well i didnt check but more than 50% of membership is american, so an educated guess. By now i did check and notice you state to be canadian, sa explique la sensitivé, ici anglais s.v.p.
            However as far as i know you still are an american, just as i am an european.

            ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

          4. point of view
            In the eyes of most asians and africans there is little difference between us then.

          5. *shudder*
            Oooooph, aaaakkkk, please — don’t do that! You just gave me a flashback. I got a bit of a shock recently when I happened up on a site that claimed the rw human counterpart of Mmmmax Headroom lives in Boulder, CO.

            Far too close for comfort.

            Ya know, Tox, the coming desertification could have a silver lining —
            an upsurge in the appreciation of dryness.


  3. Opening Links in a New Window or Tab
    For those who would like The Daily Grail links to open a new window or tab, you can use the Open All Links in a new window bookmarklet which can be found here:

    If you use Firefox, I can’t remember if you can choose to open New Window links into a Tab, or if you have to use the Tabbrowser Preferences extension. Or maybe find a bookmarklet that opens in tabs instead of windows.

    1. firefox
      In the typical firefox install, when you right-clock on a link you get a little menu asking what to do the link, open-new-window, open-tab, bookmark,…

      And there are global options as well for this sort of thing.

  4. Genealogy of Christ
    A hand written manuscript written 1700 years after the events, describing the genealogy of people in a book that was written hundreds of years after the ‘events’ were supposed to have occured!!

    The Da Vinci Code is probably more accurate.

  5. The Rattlesnake King
    The Rattlesnake King should come to Australia and try his snake tricks with the ol’ western taipan.

    There’s only one person ever been bitten by it and survived,and that was because he was near medical treatment.

    For an animal lover he exhibits strange behaviour.Wonder what the snakes think about it.


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