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Quite a conference coming up in a couple of weeks: the 2nd Annual Exopolitics Expo will be held from April 22nd to 24th in Washington, D.C.

Paradigm Research Group is pleased to announce it will again bring together in the Washington metro area a powerful group of speakers to focus on the governmental, political and media aspects of 50+ years of extraterrestrial engagement and societal denial – exopolitics. Collectively, the X-Conference speakers hold enough knowledge of government involvement with extraterrestrial phenomena and the truth embargo to end the cover-up tomorrow. All it would take is for the political leaders and the political media to pay attention. And yes, once again they will be invited, too.

Speakers include Richard Dolan, Ann Druffel, Stanton Friedman, John Greenewald, Jr., Dr Lynne Kitei, and Dr Michael Salla – plenty of others besides. Go to the website for a full run-down as well as the conference schedule and ticketing options. Thanks Kat.