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Why is it my caffeine intake always seems to peak on a Tuesday? Anyhow, here’s the news…

  • Excitement grows over claimed photographs of a Tasmanian Tiger (a Thylacine to you geeks out there), as even the Tasmanian Premier weighs in on the matter. More here and here.
  • Peruvian archaeologists uncover ancient Earth drawings older than the Nazca Lines.
  • Electronic engineers working on cloaking device. And you thought mobile phones with cameras were a tool for peeping toms.
  • Who were the lost people who roamed the Colorado Plateau, and left stunning paintings for us to wonder over?
  • Officials confirm discovery of archaeological structures off the Mahabalipuram coast in India. Is Graham Hancock feeling warm and fuzzy? Check out my review of Underworld (Amazon US and UK).
  • 4-dimensional ultrasound gives amazing video view of fetuses in the womb.
  • Researcher explores the mystery of crop circles.
  • MUFON head says Colorado is a hotbed of UFO sightings.
  • Scientist comes up with an explanation for mysterious solar tadpoles.
  • Huygens – both of them – claim a wet Titan.
  • NASA releases the greatest Saturn portrait ever seen. If you have a nice big Internet pipe, you can get the high resolution image right here. This one is purty too.
  • The Beagle 2 team is keen to head to Mars again.
  • Preparing to launch a space yacht which will sail on rays of sunlight.
  • Japan plans for a manned Moon base and shuttle missions within two decades.
  • Leaking gravity may explain the cosmic puzzle of dark energy. Then we’re just left with the cosmic puzzle of leaking gravity.
  • SpaceShipOne will land in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. Watch out for Robert Langdon fighting a criminal standing on the wings of SS1 in The Solomon Key?
  • The European Space Agency asks for help from amateur skywatchers to track the Rosetta probe as it flys by the Earth.
  • Prepare for the street marches and international solidarity – and imagine, nothing to do with Dubya. Fight for your right to watch Star Trek.
  • Haptics: the touchy-feely side of the Internet is coming.
  • Deciphering the global songs of whales.
  • Anti-wind farm report dismissed.
  • Randi has his say once again.
  • Could aromatherapy oils snuff out the super-bugs?
  • 8,000 items have gone missing from the British Library since it moved to new premises. Is there anything left?
  • Bill Clinton is a conspiracy buff who is interested in Roswell and Area 51 (read the Jan 6th entry). Maybe I should send him a book…

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

The alien encounter experience seems almost like an outreach program from the cosmos to the spiritually impaired. … I think of these experiences as a crossing over between the material world and what in Eastern philosophy is called the subtle realm.

Dr John Mack