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Atlantis Rising #51

Issue 51 of Atlantis Rising is completed and likely to be on news-stands in mid-April. However, for those with bandwidth to spare, you can skip the wait (and news-stand price) by going to the Atlantis Rising website and downloading the PDF file of the entire issue for free. Some of the contents in this issue:

  • Some guy called Greg Taylor does an essay on whether the Ku Klux Klan will be in Dan Brown’s next book.
  • Archaeologist Greg Little looks at new evidence for Atlantis in the Bahamas.

  • John Kettler searches for anti-gravity technology in Indian texts.
  • Will Hart on a vast design that united the megalithic world.
  • Patrick Marsolek takes a closer look at ‘What the Bleep’.
  • Len Kasten delves into new mind control technology.

For full details, check the AR website, or better yet just download the magazine PDF.

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