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TV Heads-up

A number of TV presentations coming up that may interest TDG readers. The John Mack Institute is reporting that a tentative airdate has been set for a program featuring John Mack’s last-ever interview. The interview for “Peter Jennings Reports: Life in the Universe” was conducted on August 19th last year at John Mack’s home, and is scheduled to air at 8PM Eastern on Thursday, February 24, on ABC.

Also, this week in the UK are a few ‘Da Vinci’ related shows. The BBC will be featuring Rosslyn Chapel in ‘Newsnight’ this Wednesday (2nd Feb) at 10.30pm. Then, on Channel 4 this Thursday night (9 – 11.10pm) is ‘The Real Da Vinci Code’, which is expected to feature interviews with such knowledgable identities as Andre Douzet and Jean Luc Chaumeil. Thanks Filip for the heads-up.

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