Turning the Hiram Key

The website of Masonic author Robert Lomas has been updated with details of his upcoming book, Turning the Hiram Key. There are in fact two areas of the website which feature information about the book, this official-looking section complete with countdown to the release date of April 18th, as well as this section which is more in theme with the rest of Robert’s website. In each section you’ll find sample material as well as plenty of other information regarding the upcoming release.

  1. Sacred Geometry and Masons
    Hey anybody, I was wondering about the Free Masons and all, I just went to the Turning the Hiram Key….then I went to some other sites as such, but no where in the other sites is their any thing about Sacred Geometry and the good ness of it. I have studie Sacred GEometry for years, and I know about the FreeMasons and the secret societies to some degree, but SAcred Geometry has been linked to Masonry for milleniums….I understand the layouts like DC and in Europe, Ley Lines, Megalithic sites, but some are very spiritual and some seem very negative. Is this like black and white magic? I hope I am not asking a dumb question, but I look at Sacred Geometry as Nature and Spirit for the good, and some times when I read this other stuff it scares me, like it is being used for the wrong reasons. Can some one please explain to me? THank you, XC Oh yeah, if any one is interested I have some very good books I may get the titles and such for you and write them down and post them on geometry, also on plants and soil, I read the article about the plants having an awareness about them, but hasn’t that been known for a long time, or only just to a few people lik eus who study things, not just the mainstream public.But the books I have are different from the conspiracy stuff and not so scary.OK, THanks, XC
    Dr. Colette M. Dowell ND
    Circular Times
    Moving Forward Publications

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