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Stuart Hameroff’s “Quantum Consciousness” website has been updated with a new addition from Sir Roger Penrose. This short piece is from an article in the January issue of Nature, in which the world’s top physicists were surveyed regarding their thoughts on the current status of the search for a “Theory of everything”.

Penrose, who has worked with Hameroff on the quantum consciousness model, commented:

The terminology ‘theory of everything’ has always worried me. There is a certain physicist’s arrogance about it that suggests that knowing all the physical laws would tell us everything about the world, at least in principle. Does a physical theory of ‘everything’ include a theory of consciousness? Does it include a theory of morality, or of human behaviour, or of aesthetics?
Penrose goes on to outline that he thinks physics is still a long way from a ‘Theory of Everything’. The full text is available from the link above.