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I’d like to see them get a pipeline from Titan.

  • Russian scientists develop a tablet to prolong drunkeness.
  • Dinosaurs done in by fungus.
  • Paranormal: near death experiences.
  • Mars may have frozen subterranean sea.
  • Microbes survive deep permafrost.
  • New data may reveal past life on Mars.
  • Ancient mangrove forests found under reef.
  • Cosmic insight into pyramids.
  • Did early man turn the outback into a desert?
  • Ice man reveals stone age secrets.
  • Astronomers claim dark galaxy find.
  • The princes of plunder.
  • Epidemic of a phantom disease.
  • An investigation into the CIA’s black budget and the second Manhattan project. They invented the cocktail.
  • Ritter: war with Iran in June. I hope June isn’t a person.
  • Did the Pentagon manufacture AIDS as a biological weapon.
  • Titan farts. But is it cows in the permafrost or is it a planet of oil? And if the latter, expect us to be at war with Titan in April.
  • Gamma-ray bursts could be the signature of ultradense stars.

Quote of the Day:

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.

Josh Billings