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  • Scientists have the answer to deja vu.
  • Ranking the myths and mysteries of Scotland. There’s plenty to go around!
  • Philanthropist to fund excavations at Herculaneum, where scholars believe a Roman library lies buried beneath 3m of lava from Vesuvius eruption in AD79.
  • Engravings found in Somerset cave may be at least 10,000 years old.
  • Author ‘moves’ ancient Roman-Caledonian battlefield in Britain.
  • Tsunami uncovers ancient Indian city?
  • The legend of the lost land of Thule melts away.
  • Witnessing the birth of galaxies and stars. Probably a whole lot less graphic than watching a human being born.
  • Scientists announce smallest extra-solar planet yet discovered and find outer limits of the pulsar planetary system.
  • Scientists have the answer to deja vu.
  • Blinding flashes experienced by astronauts are space radiation zipping through their eyes like subatomic bullets.
  • A personal look at last year’s Air Force teleportation report controversy, through the eyes of the guy who wrote it.
  • Iranian UFOs just American spy-drones?
  • Iranian historical sites and architecture to be documented. Better get started quickly, if you just look over the border you might see what happened there…and may be this summer’s smash hit, according to Seymour Hersh anyhows.
  • Scorpion robot could conquer worlds by going where wheeled explorers cannot.
  • Sumatra earthquake was three times larger than originally thought, making it the second largest quake ever measured with instruments.
  • New Light on undersea volcanoes.
  • What drove the evolution of the Earth – physical processes or life itself?
  • ‘Hi Mom’ signals patient’s return from 20 years in a world of silence
  • New strain of HIV found in New York is drug-resistant and leads to AIDS in months rather than years.
  • So what is ‘Junk DNA‘, and what is it worth?
  • Brain weirdness: by the time your brain even realizes you are looking at something, you already know what that thing is.
  • A mouse’s life: it’s just like an elephant’s life, just in fast forward (and with a whole lot less carrying trees out of logged forests I’d imagine).
  • Human-hybrid creation rejected by U.S. patents office.
  • So it’s not just humans – if insects wanna swing, they have to bring the bling.
  • Allegations of meddling by commercial and political interests in the U.S. wildlife service.
  • Randi keeps the kooks honest for another week.
  • A chance encounter between a computer-science professor and a physicist launched new field of quantum cryptography. God doesn’t play dice…
  • Looks like the chupacabra has up and moved to Namibia. Shh, or Scotland will try and lure it.
  • Gnome threat re-emerges for British divers. I love headlines like that.
  • Scientists have the answer to deja vu.
  • Woman finds penis in a ketchup bottle. All I got in my breakfast cereal was this lousy plastic toy…

Thanks Kat and Max.

Quote of the Day:

We squint at existence through thick veils of personal and societal ignorance, overlaid with still more opaque sheets of disinformation, thoughtfully provided by the state, the church, and big business (often one and the same). The difference between us and Helen Keller is that she knew she was blind.

Tom Robbins