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Bill’s away on black-ops, so I’m standing in for him…

  • Titanic director James Cameron to work with NASA on Mars mission. Minor correction to Space.com article: James Cameron was born in 1954, so I’d say he watched the Apollo 11 mission when he was 15, not the shuttle Columbia.
  • Did a cloud of interstellar dust cause Earth Ice Age?
  • Earth to Mars in a month, just by using a solar sail?
  • Veteran astronaut steps in as interim NASA chief.
  • SETI goes in to bat for evolution education.
  • Carrot compound a cancer killer?
  • Being a mother can take years off your life – literally.
  • Spitting cobras take dead aim at the eyes.
  • Bad weather may be bringing on the final years of the world’s second-biggest tree, at the tender young age of 2500 to 3200 years old.
  • Falling tree ants can glide back to the safety of their own tree, before they touch the ground.
  • Rupert Sheldrake’s controversial reply to The Edge magazine’s speculative question.
  • Discovery Channel glams it up, and reinvents Egyptian history during Egypt Week.
  • Researchers investigate a mummified menagerie.
  • Chinese tomb raiders crack a 2000-year-old vault…only to find that robbers had beaten them to it.
  • Islamic authorities blamed for destruction of Crusader excavations at the Temple Mount?
  • The new Willy Wonka who makes edible computer print-outs.
  • The latest issue of New Scientist features the race to create life, and Bill will be happy to see more mainstream coverage of skepticism regarding GW.
  • Dreams can come true…and sometimes even save lives. I’m glad some of my dreams don’t come true.
  • Why would you be a celebrity – hounded through life by the paparazzi, and now even in death.
  • Hawaian UFO a satellite or fuel dump from an Atlas 5 rocket. Apparently.
  • St Elmo’s Fire cause of light show?
  • Science sets out to barcode life.
  • Eritrea uses the Ethiopian obelisk controversy to ask for some of its own archaeological treasures back…from Ethiopia.
  • Who says rugby fans are meatheads? Welsh supporter cuts off his testicles to celebrate win over England.
Quote of the Day:

Mind and intelligence are woven into the fabric of the universe

Freeman Dyson