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The only kind of hypnotism that I think works is the kind Madonna used as a recipe for success.

  • Dramatic change in West Antarctic ice could produce 16ft rise in sea levels.
  • Sun exposure maybe a cure as well as a cause of skin cancer. Work that one out.
  • US Dept. of Energy Cold fusion review.
  • Study bolsters Greenhouse Effect theory and solves Ice Age mystery. Built on a house of cards.
  • Hypnotism: a street crime weapon in Russia?
  • Molecular breakthrough could lead to computers thousands of times faster.
  • Cells energy factories linked to cancer.
  • How the brain creates false memories.
  • Russian wine anarchists use lake as a cellar.
  • Rethinking what may look like a normal brain.
  • Birdbrain doesn’t mean stupid.
  • Texas man refuses to yield mother’s pacemaker.
  • Fireball seen over Madrid.
  • Centuries old UFO coin remains a mystery. Looks more like an impact or explosion on the dark portion of a waning crescent Moon.
  • Spirits in the stones.
  • Prehistoric knives suggest humans competed.
  • Volcanoes, not asteroids, led to the Great Dying.
  • The history of the world according to the Basques.
  • Scientists watch Alaska volcanoes.
  • Zero intelligence trading closely mimics the stock market.
  • Bacteria show signs of ageing.
  • 5% of people may suffer from mobile phone radiation.

Quote of the Day:

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.

Oscar Wilde