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The site has undergone a major upgrade today, and there are a number of issues we’ll be working through over the next few days. So if you notice something looking a bit strange (or broken), please bear with us as we sort it all out. Some other changes are here for good – for instance, if you go into the ‘My Account’ section, you’ll find that there are now clickable tabs at the top of the page for the different parts of your account. Also, the themes (all two of them) now have screenshots to show what they look like. Expect to notice numerous changes like these.

One new addition to the site which I would like to point out is the Amazon search module – in the left hand menu you’ll now see ‘Search Amazon.com‘: this link will take you to a page which lets you search Amazon while remaining within the Daily Grail website. This can only be set up for one particular Amazon branch, so we’ve decided to go with Amazon US – apologies to the other countries excluded.