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The site has undergone a major upgrade today, and there are a number of issues we’ll be working through over the next few days. So if you notice something looking a bit strange (or broken), please bear with us as we sort it all out. Some other changes are here for good – for instance, if you go into the ‘My Account’ section, you’ll find that there are now clickable tabs at the top of the page for the different parts of your account. Also, the themes (all two of them) now have screenshots to show what they look like. Expect to notice numerous changes like these.

One new addition to the site which I would like to point out is the Amazon search module – in the left hand menu you’ll now see ‘Search‘: this link will take you to a page which lets you search Amazon while remaining within the Daily Grail website. This can only be set up for one particular Amazon branch, so we’ve decided to go with Amazon US – apologies to the other countries excluded.

  1. Zero Point TONIGHT on Coast to Coast
    I just wanted to remind everybody that TONIGHT (Sunday) on COAST TO COAST you can hear an interview with Nick Cook, author of The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology.

    One reviewer at amazon says,
    “Antigravity” is too restrictive a subtitle. It implies the author is focusing on gravity. In fact, he focuses on a search for technology that allows flight based on principles other than chemistry and aerodynamics.

    Another amazon reviewer says:
    The best part of this book for me was the introduction to the little remembered Nazi, Hans Kammler, who was literally the architect of the concentration camps. By the end of the war, Kammler had usurped all of the power that Himmler’s SS had usurped from Hitler. Kammler pioneered the state-within-a-state concept with his unregulated think tank in Prague conducting experiments at the very fringe of conventional science. There is compelling evidence that Kammler would have been among the war criminals repatriated to America, and with him came his technology, and frighteningly, his state-within-a-state design, which came to be the modern structure of our military-industrial complex. The good news is that he was by all rights belonging to the Soviets, as they were promised the Czech Republic, but in a good showing of bad faith, Patton went in and got the goods before the Reds arrived. (This review has further interesting details.)

    Nick also wrote the ‘techno-thrillers’ Angel, Archangel and Aggressor.

    Earlier this week, Greg said you can listen to Coast to Coast at KYGO.


    1. Nick Cook
      Hi Kat,

      That would definitely be worth a listen. I read the book and it was excellent. Remember too that Cook was aviation editor for Janes Defence Weekly, the bible for defence wonks. Not some backwoods nutter.

      Regards, Cernig

    Well, at Coast to Coast’s schedule of PAST SHOWS, I see that the Nick Cook interview was on yesterday, not today. Here’s Coast to Coast’s REAL Schedule of upcoming shows — currently showing what you can really expect to listen to from Sunday, Feb. 13 to Friday, Feb. 18.

    Humm, I wonder if Coast to Coast changed their schedule, or if Greg was just distracted last Friday? Obviously I was looking forward to it, so either way, I’m still disappointed.

    Looks like I’ll be chalkin’ another one off to Murphy’s Law,


    1. Bah
      Kat said:

      > Humm, I wonder if Coast to Coast changed their
      > schedule, or if Greg
      > was just distracted last Friday?

      Aw, why’d you have to go say that for. Now I have to go in my trash, take a screenshot of my webscan on Friday and put it up to prove my innocence. Cook’s show on Sunday didn’t turn up until I had just about posted the update, so it’s not in here…but if you’ll just notice Saturday night’s guest

      The Evidence

      Peace and Respect

      1. Oh dear
        My New Oxford American Dictionary says ‘Bah’ is “an expression of contempt”, so I’d better put on my dancing shoes before this snafu ends up sounding like this.

        No one could honestly accuse you of being an ‘Often-Wrong Soong’ — because, at least with regard to TDG posts, you’re rarely wrong. That being the case, of course I should have automatically extended you the benefit of the doubt.

        Or to put it another way, I didn’t intend that as an indictment of you — it was supposed to be just your basic generic grumble. My lack of courtesy, by failing to extend you the benefit of the doubt, was doubtless due to my severe disappointment accompanied by the disheartening sensation of pointlessly spinning my wheels for nuthin’. Case in point: immediately after realizing that my old-style independent amazon links to Nick’s books, which I’d just posted under your Friday update, would not result in a bit of moola for TDG if someone were to actually use them to order the book, I remembered to use your spiffy new ‘search amazon’ feature to acquire the TDG-friendly urls for the books instead, and then reposted my reminder about the interview, with this corrected amazon info, under Ch-ch-changes.

        Then I headed over to Coast to Coast to find out what time the interview would begin. The NEXT thing I should have done was go downstairs for a big cup of coffee and the nicotine patch I forgot to put on this morning, because no one should ever post a comment of any sort after they’ve just said, “What a f*@#ing waste of time!”

        Mea Culpa


        1. nicotine patch
          Kat, take the nicotine patch off and have a smoke.
          You only get cancer from cigarettes if you are predisposed to it, I don’t care what the experts say. Some people who smoke live to a ripe old age.
          My theory is that, like alcohol,tobacco is OK in small doses.
          Always have a drink of water or something when you smoke to wash away the residues.
          Never smoke last thing at night.
          A little bit of what you enjoy does you good.
          A little bit more of what you enjoy does you more good on occasion.

          I would like to add that I am not qualified to give medical advice…this is a personal opinion.


  3. Design update
    Hi, Greg! Here’s some notes on updated design: in default style IE is showing too small text in News Briefs when text size set to “small” (in previous version is WAS small but still readable). Also a good idea will be to allow reader to select the number of headlines from offsites (,, etc.) – current 5 is too small, better 10 or 15. And another thing – in 800×600 resolution there is horizontal scrollbar – a bad thing for the site 🙂

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