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Strange Constructions

This essay, “Strange Constructions”, is a sample chapter from the book The Guide to Dan Brown’s ‘The Solomon Key’, by Greg Taylor. It is in PDF form to preserve the original formatting and graphic content.

Please note that there is now an official website dedicated to the book, which contains updates pertaining to Dan Brown’s work and also essays on the topic of The Solomon Key. If you are interested in reading more from The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key, it is available to buy from:

We are grateful for any help in spreading word about the book, either to friends or through your own resources (web pages, mailing lists, mainstream media etc), so please feel free to pass on the link to this page to others or contact us for more information if you are a member of the media.

The book description for The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key reads:

The massive success of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” has readers eagerly awaiting his next novel “The Solomon Key”. Using hints and clues left by Brown in interviews, on his website, and on the cover of “The Da Vinci Code”, Greg Taylor takes you an unprecedented tour of the new book before it is even released. This guide explores the topics likely to be included in “The Solomon Key” – including the Founding Fathers, Freemasonry, and the Ku Klux Klan – to give you a better understanding of the history behind Brown’s research. Maps and discussion of Washington D.C. also acquaint the reader with the setting for the next Robert Langdon thriller. With no plot spoilers, this is the essential primer for understanding Dan Brown’s next book. Read it before you buy “The Solomon Key”!
The sample chapter “Strange Constructions” can be viewed as single-sheet PDF or as a printer-friendly landscape-spread PDF (both are around 200kb in size). We hope you enjoy it, and encourage comments and discussion on the topic.

What others have said:

Author Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods):

Look out for the name Greg Taylor up in lights before too long. He is the up-and-coming author in this field and what he has to say makes fascinating reading.

Alan Boyle of MSNBC:

Until ‘The Solomon Key’ is published, the next-best thing may well be a slim volume called ‘The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key’, in which first-time author Greg Taylor anticipates the puzzles and the personages behind the forthcoming book…Has Taylor cracked the code for Brown’s upcoming novel? On one level, who cares? His survey of conspiracy theories and capital sites make for good reading even if Langdon doesn’t pick up the clues. And it will be interesting to compare Taylor’s take with Brown’s when ‘The Solomon Key’ comes out toward the end of this year.

Blair Blake of

[It] is an excellent overview of the clandestine conspiracy of cabals both past and present likely to manifest itself to Robert Langdon…there’s lots of evidence in the book to support what many believe to be Freemasonry’s great experiment, as well as hints of a portentous secret transmitted throughout history by politically-oriented secret societies.

    1. Thanks Jeff
      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for plug on your site, every little bit helps. After spending a lot of time working on the site as a free service, this is perhaps a way of raising enough money to fend off the call of society to stop my silly hobbies and rejoin the hive. Hopefully we can get enough support to make it worthwhile – I appreciate your contribution.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. Thanks …
        Hi Greg:

        Thanks, too, for all you do.

        I have been meaning to read the Washington DC Geometry tomes, and quite a few others, for quite some time now, but haven’t gotten around to it for so many reasons that would be a bore to relate. Seems your book might save me and others a bit of time. Not that I am dying to find out Dan Brown’s next plotline, or that I treat “source documents” with disdain — it’s just that there are so many books out there, and so little time (I’ve got a short stack in front of me as I write).

        I’d watch that “hive” word. I recall that there is a hive in one of the Priory of Sion seals — the “Et in Arcadia, I …” one. And all the tiny golden bees, too …



        1. Speed Reading
          You should learn to speed read. According to “Oscar” (he has a bit of a reputation on this site, you know) he learnt to speed read at the age of 2 months, and reads 10,000 books each year.

          According to him anyway.

          Did I mention he has a bit of a reputation on this site?

          He once, on this site, told me his age, the size of his “library” and the fact that he’d read them all. I did a simple calculation, and worked out that he reads about 1 book every 3 days – every day – for his entire life – including the years before he could read. He puts it down to speed reading.

          As I think I may have mentioned, he has a bit of a reputation on this site. And others, so I’ve found.

          yer ol’ pal,

          (This post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

    1. Nice title 😉
      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the kind comments, I enjoyed the distracting title of your comment.

      Everybody wins if we sell some copies. Otherwise it’s just a good idea. 😉

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. Papal Decree
        Hear you Greg. I challenge the whole Daily Grail family to rally behind you and put “DaVinci in America” on the Best Seller list! If we don’t then turn off the Grail tap for awhile and make us stop the freeloading. Fight the Power, Pope Chucky

  1. Da Vinci In America
    Hi Greg,

    As a historian who has done extensive research on Freemasonry and its history, I find your chapter to be excellent. I have posted your banner with a link to this page on our website: . Because of political correctness, the Masonic connection of our Founding Fathers is rarely taught here in America. You are providing a great service.

    – Hal Siemer

    1. Thanks
      Hi Hal,

      Many thanks for your generous comments, and appreciate the banner link – it all helps.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

    1. LOL
      Oh no, somebody has finally uncovered the great Masonic conspiracy. That supposed crescent moon on some Masonic insignia is really just a banana. The deeper message is that we are, as Darwin proposed, just monkeys. And ultimately, we are alone. Solo Monkey.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Da Vinci
    Have not read Dan Brown, but grabbed a copy of Da Vinci in America to support TDG. Nice book Greg! When can we buy the next one? Amazon UK was very quick. 2 days delivery to Norway.


  3. The Daily Grail
    I just wanted to thank you guys for getting back together on a stand-alone “Daily Grail” website. I lost track of you for a long time because I didn’t enjoy going to the Phenomena website, and I was sorry you’d gone there. Your page was one of those I went to every day. You were my favorite site. Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to go look at the few things Phenomena let you post, and I was led to your new page. Thank you again. My life got a little brighter. The Daily Grail should not be part of anything else, especially something that isn’t as good. Looks like now you’re better than ever. What can I do for you lately?
    Garry Puffer
    Riverside CA

    1. daily grail revisited
      I myself have been missing the old grail. Been offline for sometime but before I was, TDG desolved into another site and seemed to lose it’s appeal. I didn’t blame Greg for shedding his burden, but I really missed the way it was. It gladdens my heart greatly to see TDG back.Cheers Greg and you too puffer for thanking these guys.They deserve it…..

  4. Seal Numbers 157 and 287
    Hi Greg!
    Looks like a VERY fascinating book!

    I wish to bring a little Light to you on the possible importance of these two numbers; 157 and 287. Many Baconians know these numbers as the “Secret Shakespearean Seal” numbers as referred to by Fratres Roseæ Crucis in a book of 1910 called Secret Shakespearean Seals.

    This book emphasizes the way Shakespeare’s works are sealed by the numbers, but research I have done certainly reveals that the Founding Fathers used these numbers also.

    You mention in this piece about the cornerstone ceremony of the Whitehouse being on October 13, 1792. Well, 1792 being a Leap Year makes October 13th to be Day 287 of the year.

    The Pentagon groundbreaking was on September 11, 1941. Using an alphabet that Baconians often use which has 24 letters, the letters of “SEPTEMBER ELEVEN” add up to 157.

    Here is a .pdf of the alphabet and a couple other Tables: Key Tables

    The name “UNITED STATES” adds up to 157 Simple cipher and 287 Kaye cipher using the modern 26 letter alphabet (refer to above Tables).

    The first capital, “NEW YORK CITY” adds up to 157 Simple cipher using the Baconian, or Rosicrucian, alphabet.

    I have barely scratched the surface, and know there are many more instances of these Seal numbers being used. Check out this surprising essay, September Eleven and the Seal Numbers.

    Anyway, I want to share that with you.


    1. Bacon
      Hi ShaKAshA,

      I mention Bacon in the book, and his association with certain numbers such as ‘287’. I bring up the possibility that Baconian ciphers may be used by Brown in his next book, considering his penchant for ciphers, riddles etc.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. 47th Ronin
        I particularly appreciated the comment by a certain Mr … Mrs … and/or “Ms?” … 47th Ronin. The Ronin thesis (47thly speaking) is that the mystery of the Solomon Key may be scientifically unencoded as the the Solo Monkey.

        I dunno … Jesus must have been a periwinkle in his father’s eye.

      2. re: Bacon
        I’m ordering your book today.
        Something I should’ve done long ago, but so many tasks keep me tied up you know. But today I thus move reading your book to the top of the list of importance.


        1. re: Bacon (Book is great intro!)
          Hey Greg,

          I got the book yesterday (from Barnes and Noble).
          It is an enjoyable read and a great intro on many topics, including the Baconian mystery.

          Thanks for the hard work and good research!


    2. y’ what!!? If ShaKAshA speaks truth…
      It would seem unlikely odds that a bunch of middle eastern terrorists would happen to pick a date for their attack (september eleven) that seems to be inextricably linked to the founding fathers, and the countrys name, as well as the pentagon, new york city and a secret shakespearean seal that was in use by the founding (Masonic) fathers.
      on the other hand it seems just the wanky type of thing that a bunch of elitist new world order freaks with an inflated sense of immoral superiority would do.

      have you read ‘Foucalt’s Pendulum’ by Umberto Eco?
      Probably, but just to remind you, a researcher, just for giggles programs a computer to randomly link together various historical
      facts, and rather than gibberish it delivers something right along the lines of the Da Vinci Code, or Da Vinci in America for that matter.
      only problem is, seems the robed individuals up to the secret shenanagans are very much still up to them, and highly, murderously, peeved at being discovered. Great fiction, I loved it.

      the relevance of that?

      The unlikely connection of founding father secret numbers i.e 157 directly linking new york, the pentagon, the words and date september eleven with modern day, american govt military action against its own civilian citizens disguized as a hostile foriegn attack…
      Greg, you might want to add a lock or two to the door, keep those pesky apron wearing buggers out.

  5. Masonic and Kabbalistic Symbols in the DC Map

    I will be adding a banner link to my site which deals with Masonic and Kabbalistic Symbols Embedded in the Washington DC map layout, and which is located at .

    My thesis is that the city planners utilized two different templates for the map, one being the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, that centers on 16th Street, and the other is the cross-section of the Great Pyramid.

    I recommend that Potomac Avenue maps to the Descending Passage, Penn. Ave to the Ascending passage and Grand Gallery, while the White House correlates with the King’s Chamber and the Wash M’mt to the Queen’s Chamber.

    The question remains open as to what tould correlate to the Subterranean Chamber that would be underneath the Potomac River.

    Rick Campbell

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