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This essay, “Strange Constructions”, is a sample chapter from the book The Guide to Dan Brown’s ‘The Solomon Key’, by Greg Taylor. It is in PDF form to preserve the original formatting and graphic content.

Please note that there is now an official website dedicated to the book, which contains updates pertaining to Dan Brown’s work and also essays on the topic of The Solomon Key. If you are interested in reading more from The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key, it is available to buy from:

We are grateful for any help in spreading word about the book, either to friends or through your own resources (web pages, mailing lists, mainstream media etc), so please feel free to pass on the link to this page to others or contact us for more information if you are a member of the media.

The book description for The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key reads:

The massive success of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” has readers eagerly awaiting his next novel “The Solomon Key”. Using hints and clues left by Brown in interviews, on his website, and on the cover of “The Da Vinci Code”, Greg Taylor takes you an unprecedented tour of the new book before it is even released. This guide explores the topics likely to be included in “The Solomon Key” – including the Founding Fathers, Freemasonry, and the Ku Klux Klan – to give you a better understanding of the history behind Brown’s research. Maps and discussion of Washington D.C. also acquaint the reader with the setting for the next Robert Langdon thriller. With no plot spoilers, this is the essential primer for understanding Dan Brown’s next book. Read it before you buy “The Solomon Key”!
The sample chapter “Strange Constructions” can be viewed as single-sheet PDF or as a printer-friendly landscape-spread PDF (both are around 200kb in size). We hope you enjoy it, and encourage comments and discussion on the topic.

What others have said:

Author Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods):

Look out for the name Greg Taylor up in lights before too long. He is the up-and-coming author in this field and what he has to say makes fascinating reading.

Alan Boyle of MSNBC:

Until ‘The Solomon Key’ is published, the next-best thing may well be a slim volume called ‘The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Solomon Key’, in which first-time author Greg Taylor anticipates the puzzles and the personages behind the forthcoming book…Has Taylor cracked the code for Brown’s upcoming novel? On one level, who cares? His survey of conspiracy theories and capital sites make for good reading even if Langdon doesn’t pick up the clues. And it will be interesting to compare Taylor’s take with Brown’s when ‘The Solomon Key’ comes out toward the end of this year.

Blair Blake of Toolband.com:

[It] is an excellent overview of the clandestine conspiracy of cabals both past and present likely to manifest itself to Robert Langdon…there’s lots of evidence in the book to support what many believe to be Freemasonry’s great experiment, as well as hints of a portentous secret transmitted throughout history by politically-oriented secret societies.