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Reviewing Voyages

Another feature addition to the site for the end of the week, with a review of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, by Robert Schoch and Robert Aquinas McNally (Amazon US and UK). I’ll also be posting an interview with Robert Schoch in the near future…should be interesting to hear the latest Sphinx news from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

  1. This will get you thinking
    for ages now i have wondered about the mysteries of life etc and what the secrets are behind it, but where is the proof that their are devils etc. the world today is influenced by scientist and we are lead to bleive that scientist have the answer for everything. What answer can YOU give me to prove that the devil, GOD etc is real, If ouija boards actually worked then surely they would be illegal, i have tried the ouija board severall times now and was extremely dissapointed, unless their is proof for all these comments their is no way i will believe it.

    1. mysteries of life
      I am probably not the most qualified to answer your query , there are Richard and Steve, and of course Greg the author of Da Vinci in America, all very smart thinking people.
      But I’ll do it anyway.
      For a start if you think you need proof of God and the devil maybe you should join a religion.They appear to offer proof,and having done so then go on to tell you what to do about it, even to your thinking.
      The Daily Grail website is not a religion, not is it associated with one.If it was most of us would not be here.People who own and manage this site are free-thinkers who think outside the square, and the posters naturally are drawn to that.
      All we can offer is the fact that we have spent our lives reading, searching and researching,listening,investigating, sharing our thoughts with one another, and finally coming to our own conclusions.
      You are free to believe these consclusions or not.
      Faith in God is personal and not something that someone can give you.Faith in God also has nothing at all to do with religion.
      As for the devil, well Samuel Butler said that no one had heard his side of the story as God had written all the books.
      My suggestion to you is to do what the members here do….read read read.Talk to people,ask them their observations,listen to how they think.You won’t discover the answer to your question satisfactorily until you yourself have done the investigation.
      Good luck, and we are looking forward to hearing how you go.


      1. reply
        fair enough about your comments and i understand where your coming from. I dont have a religion and to be honest i am not looking for one, but i do have an interest in sites like this because it is good to listen to other ppls views. I dont think i will ever believe in any other power e.g. GOD, this is sad i know but these arejust my views. I like to think he is real but who REALLY knows????? i am sure we’ll find out about all this only when we die, untill then no one can be certain.
        mysteries of life.

  2. Practice makes perfect
    Saying Oija boards do not work because after several tries “nothing happens”, is the same common mistake people make with any sort of paranormal or psychic issue.

    It is also the same reason why the average person gives up on mystical development, music lessons, karate, working out in the gym, or anything else that requires great ammounts of self discpline and effort.

    Would you say a violin or piano cannot be played, because after several lessons, all you could get out of it was an irritating noise? Or that martial arts is bogus because after three weeks of lessons, you still haven’t mastered it yet?

    It took me several years of practicing the piano before I could play anything you would want to listen to, and it took me a year of DAILY meditation before I even begun to have the kinds of things happen to me that I naively thought/hoped would happen in the first few tries.

    It is through these experiences that I clearly see that most people who claim to be psychic are not, they are exaggerating what is nothing more than “inner impressions”. Such frauds and self deluded people give a lot of ammunition to the debunkers of the world. But their presence does not in any way mean that such things are not possible. Those that can do, that really CAN do, stay mum about it, and do not give “readings”, or sell seminars, or “teach”.

    Kept trying my friend, it is worth the effort, even if it takes you several years. Finally, these things have nothing to do with the debate “is there or is there not a god (or Satan)”. That is a completly seperate issue.


    1. ?????
      so when you are using the Ouija board who is it that you think your in contact with… a spirit or what????? To be honest with you any one that can contact the dead would never keep it to themselves. The people that you could be helping by using your so called gift, you could be helping little children who have lost their parents. so i dont believe for one second that you can speak to spirits, but again these are only my views. In my experience form sites similar to this one the only ppl the board works for is the ppl who need it to work, the people who subconciousy move the planchette. Why does it take 7 years to master the board. because after 7 years of using the board your still only doing what you first ever tried on the board. If i was to offer you 1million pound to show me that the board works would you accept it????. their is no one in the world who has ever been able to prove to a none believer that the board actually works. I dont mean to offend you by these comments but i feel you could give me good answers.
      mysteries of life.

      1. Helpful dead?
        Just a few things on this:

        I considering a dangerous mistake to believe the dead would be in any state or capacity to help. This is not what their function is.

        Secondly, as soon as you have a thought form process and a psychology tainted with emotions, you are technically in contact with the dead at an unconscious level.

        Then, 7 years is a universal local cycle that then multiplies in 3 phases that sum up to 21 years.

        The first 7 are a learning phase.
        The next cycle is an application phase.
        The last cycle is an integration phase.

        If any of these cycles is broken, the whole phase is wasted. It then means that this man is trapped into the renewal of that phase since he must fulfill his life plan. In the end, most never even do that, slowing down the refinement of the soul thus putting time between them and the end of their experimental karmic condition and forcing them back to the world of the dead.

        These cycles apply to all aspects of human experience.

        Lastly, it is pointless to prove or to attempt to convince. In any attempt to convince there is at least a subtle attempt of exercising some level of domination. Belief is no better because you are the one being believed. Belief is anti-evolution. One should not search for something to believe but should keenly look so that he may see for himself and by himself. Belief is the replacement of what we could or should know with what is comfortable although false security for the benefit of an institution, either in the material or in the invisible. Eventually, any move that tries to convince will lead to a loss of energy.

        Incidentally, the Catholic Church forbids contact with the dead or attempts to that effect.

        Good answers will not come from the dead. It is against their agenda that humanity should escape the scope of their ignorance. Matter of fact, they don’t even know this. It will even be up to the conscious man to instruct the dead on the real nature of their situation.

      2. Mediumnity: Proof or not? (and a kick at Randi)

        You might find more interest in this article about UA professor Gary E.
        Schwartz’s evaluation of Allison Dubois


        "There is no
        question this is not a fraud – some people really can do this, and Allison is
        one of them," said psychology professor Gary E. Schwartz, who directs the
        UA’s Human Energy Systems Laboratory where the experiments with Dubois and other
        well-known mediums – including John Edward of TV’s "Crossing Over"
        fame – have been conducted. (Taken from the article.)


        Others may also be
        interested in what he has to say about Randi.

        1. Schwartz and Randi
          Hi Richard,

          The Survival Science website has an interesting response from Schwartz to Randi from a while back. Randi’s ‘column’ really didn’t do Schwartz’s responses credit – I thought Schwartz made good arguments.

          On the flipside, I can’t say either way whether Schwartz has proven afterlife contact. Two things I do know though:

          a) For Randi to say that Schwartz’s responses were too long to post is disingenuous…this is the WWW after all, and it is easy enough to post some text on a separate page and link to it for those interested.

          b) Randi’s proposal that there will never be any replication experiments because the subject is too ridiculous, is ridiculous itself. True science determines whether something is ‘ridiculous’ by attempting replications first.

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. Don’t feed the trolls
            Hi Greg,

            I am sure you know the expression ‘don’t feed the trolls’.

            Randi is a troll and he gets way too much attention that feeds his urge to pursue his thread of deception.

            That is everyone’s loss (as in losing energy which could be made available to further our study of what needs studied).

            Nobody needs to prove anything to Randi in particular. Debating with the skeptics is just useless and a big trap. Why always feel that need to prove to the chronic disbelievers? Disbelief is just as stupid than what they want to oppose. Disbelief is just the other face of belief. I understand that their use of personal attacks is made to do just that: draw the attention of the target and then into a sterile argument. Is it just that we instinctively know that we don’t know and that is the source of our eternal seeking for collective recognition as if the more people tell us they agree, the more real our conclusions?

            At one point, one needs to set his pride aside, work with people that can be worked with and go on.

            Future science will be a total breakaway from current science. Science will be totally based on the science of consciousness and will integrate aspects of reality that implies matter while at the same time having nothing to do with matter, in other words the invisible.

            Until we realize that antimatter, cosmically speaking, is the invisible, we will continue smashing particles and calling opposedly charged particles anti-matter and will ignore what is basically the major part of the universes and the current black hole of science. A black hole it will remain until humanity is allowed to escape its experimental state of consciousness.

            It is necessary for some individuals to pierce the veil that exists between the dead and the living, between the visible and the invisible. It is important for their personal evolution, not for the evolution of humanity. By establishing the reality of the invisible for themselves, they automatically attune their mental to other vibrations that will allow the elevation of their mental vibratory level, which in turn will allow penetration of their mental by energies of a higher order.

            I say this is important for the individual and not for humanity because I see the future evolution of humanity happening at the individual level and not at the collective level. The more evolved individuals there will be, the more humanity will be evolved and, society simply being the combination of the relation and the energy of its constituents, society will be as evolved as its individuals are. This is why those individuals will break away from the relic of the ancient race and meet again to create what will be.

            Those that seek to evolve through a collective process in hope that this collectivity will support their personal mental semblance and self-lie systemic psychic architecture will die with that collectivity. This is either their spiritual illusion or their lack of self-will. In any case, it is their karma.

            I find it very important to realize that collective thought is at the same time the end of the evolution of the individual and the source of the program for the progress of human societies, which use the energy of the individuals to protect an experiment at the expense of the consciousness of the individual which is replaced with the illusion of free-will. This requires links to be created between individuals that tie them through their relative evolutive status. This process is also called Karma, since those links require a feedback loop between entities, either dead or incarnate, that makes one feed upon the other to enforce ties that insure the continuity of the incarnation plan while insuring the undercover manipulation of the human psychic territory while he has not the maturity to live the void of his own mind. Man’s inability to live the void is equivalent to his level of insecurity. Since the ego is at 95% insecurity…

            Unfortunately, if man can’t live the void of his consciousness, it will not be possible for him to support the extraction of his astral consciousness which is necessary for his integration of his energy. You cannot be full of yourself before you are emptied of all that is not, which is the almost totality of the current human mind, made mainly of programmed concepts, suggested beliefs, collective securing constructs and psychic ties with a super-entity that knows perfectly well what the ropes of human delusions are.

            To realize the mechanism of collective programming is a necessary step in breaking away from the planetary karmic sea. To realize the psychic link between the thought process and the dead is the first step in realizing how a karmic debt is a karmic link that perpetually ties us to the world of the dead every nanosecond of our lives. Karma and the web of karmic links are the power grid that allows the cohesion of the astral world and that allow it to retain its control over the incarnated consciousness as well as the souls that are trapped in it.

            Living through the realization shock of these two aspects lessens the urge to convince a population and removes the impression that we should have a mission in relation to humanity or to society, such as leaving something behind us that will remain as a building block of this civilization. It instead calls us to remove our psychic brick from the melting pot of unconscious certitude in our affirming that we know what is when we dam well know that this is just a mind game and an attitude but that we rather lie to ourselves with enough style so that we can try and sell our lie to others so that the lie which is the collective consciousness remains and be reinforced because the more believe in and adhere to a lie, the more that ruling lie will become mandatory thought form and collective thought movement.

            So, lets not feed the ramblings of troll and concentrate instead on seeing and becoming our own proof. These people otherwise will just suck us back into the astral of our consciousness and pull us downward. We must elevate the vibratory rate of our mental and being sucked into these collective failsafe mechanisms of collective unconsciousness enacted by those trolls prevents us from achieving this.

            If someone asks me ‘prove me this’, my only answer should be ‘this is your problem, not mine’.

            This in itself is a real answer that may lead to that person’s realization that it is his own responsibility to be real and not mine to secure his ego either way.

            The question of the proof is a win-win situation for unconsciousness. If no proof comes forward, the ego is secured in his illusion that what he thought he knew is preserved. If the proof comes, the ego is secured in his illusion that he has gained an advantage.

            Either way, he still does not know. With a properly refined logic, paired with the ego’s ability to rationalize anything, you could prove just about anything you set out to prove while this is simply the assertion of the ego who needs to feel secure in his need to think he is right in order to create an impression of psychological stability, impressed upon him by the idea that the proof supports his impression of intelligence whereas this impression is rather the result of memory processing which is totally prone to illusion reinforced by the belief process which allows the filling of the space that should be occupied with pure intelligence with the sterile astral illusion of believing we have attained a level of comprehension that is in reality a level of ignorance that keeps us prisoner of the state of death by allowing our psychic space to be occupied, possessed, by energies of Luciferian origins.

            The hell with that and the hell with Randi and the likes of him.

          2. Randi and his ilk
            Wow, Richard, that is one of your best, yet. I know you have written on other occasions about your perceptions of the astral and the dead. I’ve generally not followed those as easily, primarily because I don’t have many sourcees I would trust to explain this poorly understood realm. As I mentioned in an old post, the only author I have ever read that seemed to have a handle on this was Robert Monroe, who claimed to travel through that and other realms with impunity.



            ps. Randi really is a piece of work.

  3. Dear Mysteries
    Dear Mysteries of Life: Not sure you are still following this, so it will be short:

    “so when you are using the Ouija board who is it that you think your in contact with… a spirit or what?????”

    You are right when you suggested that no one can convince another that these things (paranormal phenomenon) are real. So it boils down to this:

    Are you curious enough to be willing to devote the time to develop your own abilities, and then judge for yourself? If you are, then it will take you about as much time as developing a skill like being a concert pianist, or a brain surgeon.

    This is going to require an enormous amount of conditional faith that your efforts will be worthwhile. Talk to someone who has actually done this, rather than people who have merely read about it all their lives, or who have started and stopped, meditated for a few months then quit. Find somebody who has devoted their lives to developing their consciousness in this way, are doing it on a daily basis, and have been for years.

    Doing the above is the only thing that will ultimately satisfy your curiosity.

    Start like this:

    Sit in your chair and stop thinking, about anything at all, for 5 minutes. Not one single thought, idea, or word can pass through your mind. Can you do this? Why not? After all, it’s your mind, no? Some people can, and for a lot longer than 5 minutes.

    This “stopping the thoughts” is just the begining of what they do when they are sitting there in their chair. Instead of dissing, arguing, and debating intellectually what is really happening to such people, which is an utter waste of your time, give it a try yourself.

    And yes, if you stick with this, you will find that those who really can do, are extremely secretive and quiet about it, because concurrent with developing some paranormal ability, they have also developed a vastly broader understanding of life, man, the cosmos, reality and consciousness. This broader understanding begats a certain ammount of wisdom about keeping quiet about such things.


    NO, I would never, ever, accept even a billion dollars to “prove” any of the above to you. YES, I mean this. But for free, I would absolutly be willing to help you get started so you can develop your consciousness yourself, if that is what you wanted. Since we don’t know each other, and we can’t very well carry on a long conversation this way, I will suggest to you reading two books: One is “The Silva Mind Control Method” by Jose Silva.

    Silva was a member of the Rosicrucian Order who quit and then developed a fairly easy to follow way to get started in meditation, much of it based on what he learned in the begining degrees of the Order. His techniques work, and work very well, but you really need to be disciplined. The vast majority of people who try his methods quit after a week, or a couple of months. Just like signing up for Golds Gym, full of enthusiasm, but then you quit after bit. You need to do his method every day, with passion, for months, before you feel you are getting anywhere. Really. This should not urprise you. Think about how long it took you to learn to talk!

    The other book is The Holographic Universe” By Michael Talbott. This will keep you from misinterpreting the realm of the paranormal, as so many people (“I can tell the difference!”) do. It is also chock full of scientific studies and scientists who are now on the band waqon. Yes, there really are a lot of scientists nowdays who “believe in such things”. It is the religious fanatics (like James Randi) who are preventing you from hearing about them.

    “Materialism” and it’s sister religion “Reductionism” has all the characteristics of a religion. Their “God” is the subatomic particle – but this is quickly being replaced by strings and membranes – as their prophets get “ever closer” to their beloved.


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