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Happy January 17th for yesterday, you PoSers out there…

  • Opus Dei in the UK. Didn’t the Sex Pistols do that song?
  • Coincidences: it’s just science baby.
  • Olivia Newton-John talks life after death. “Let’s get spiritual, spiritual, I wanna get spiritual, let me hear the psychic talk.”
  • Mediums: cold-hearted opportunists, or a genuine and helpful link to the otherside? New ‘super-psychic’ Alison Dubois gets a mention here, as she does in this companion article featuring Dr Gary Schwartz. And here’s some more.
  • Randi even gets in on the act, showing off his unscientific fascism in a letter to the President of the University of Arizona (regarding Schwartz’ research).
  • Do Indonesian tribespeople have a sixth sense which saved them from the tsunami?
  • Shhhh! Can you smell something? I’m seeing synesthesia. I better go and post off the royalty check to Dan Ackroyd now…
  • Scientists invent spray-on solar cells. Sheesh, next they’ll be saying they’ve made underwear you can eat. Is there nothing science can’t do.
  • Epilepsy drug slows aging in worms. Does a worm really want its life extended?
  • Artificial spider silk may be used for armour. Ah, always with the most important applications.
  • Micromachine grows its own muscles and starts walking.
  • Astrobiology has a number of Titan stories, here’s just one. Also: Images from Titan.
  • Planet-hunter thinks there’s life out there…somewhere.
  • Life on Mars significant.
  • Mars rover examines intriguing rock.
  • Amazon supremo makes plans for space travel.
  • How do you sell a peach? Make it into a UFO.
  • Da Vinci Code sequel to feature Ku Klux Klan. Oh wait, that’s me. Don’t go there or we’ll get trapped in a cycling-link blackhole that will eventually collapse in upon itself.
  • Replica of ancient boat sets out to relive journey.
  • British Museum attacks US Army over desecration and destruction of Iraqi archaeological treasures.
  • Filer’s Files #2-2005 tells of the latest UFO activity around the world.
  • From the cool headline department: llama antibodies could be dandruff miracle cure.

Thanks Cernig.

Quote of the Day:

The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Douglas Adams