News Briefs 18-01-2005

Happy January 17th for yesterday, you PoSers out there…

  • Opus Dei in the UK. Didn’t the Sex Pistols do that song?
  • Coincidences: it’s just science baby.
  • Olivia Newton-John talks life after death. “Let’s get spiritual, spiritual, I wanna get spiritual, let me hear the psychic talk.”
  • Mediums: cold-hearted opportunists, or a genuine and helpful link to the otherside? New ‘super-psychic’ Alison Dubois gets a mention here, as she does in this companion article featuring Dr Gary Schwartz. And here’s some more.
  • Randi even gets in on the act, showing off his unscientific fascism in a letter to the President of the University of Arizona (regarding Schwartz’ research).
  • Do Indonesian tribespeople have a sixth sense which saved them from the tsunami?
  • Shhhh! Can you smell something? I’m seeing synesthesia. I better go and post off the royalty check to Dan Ackroyd now…
  • Scientists invent spray-on solar cells. Sheesh, next they’ll be saying they’ve made underwear you can eat. Is there nothing science can’t do.
  • Epilepsy drug slows aging in worms. Does a worm really want its life extended?
  • Artificial spider silk may be used for armour. Ah, always with the most important applications.
  • Micromachine grows its own muscles and starts walking.
  • Astrobiology has a number of Titan stories, here’s just one. Also: Images from Titan.
  • Planet-hunter thinks there’s life out there…somewhere.
  • Life on Mars significant.
  • Mars rover examines intriguing rock.
  • Amazon supremo makes plans for space travel.
  • How do you sell a peach? Make it into a UFO.
  • Da Vinci Code sequel to feature Ku Klux Klan. Oh wait, that’s me. Don’t go there or we’ll get trapped in a cycling-link blackhole that will eventually collapse in upon itself.
  • Replica of ancient boat sets out to relive journey.
  • British Museum attacks US Army over desecration and destruction of Iraqi archaeological treasures.
  • Filer’s Files #2-2005 tells of the latest UFO activity around the world.
  • From the cool headline department: llama antibodies could be dandruff miracle cure.

Thanks Cernig.

Quote of the Day:

The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Douglas Adams

  1. Opus Dei
    Hi Greg,

    Having read the article, Opus Dei gives me the creeps. It worries me immensely that the UK’s head of education is a member. Next thing you know, we will have “Cobb County” style stickers in our biology books. It worries me even more that this group answers only to the Pope – something that I believe they share with the Inquisition and the Templars but few other bodies – is actively seeking to increase it’s secular power via recruitment.

    Does anyone happen to know if any prominent US politicos are part of Opus Dei?

    Regards, Cernig

    1. Opus Dei
      The Lord’s Work.Hardly!
      Long before Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code there was Opus Dei, and people in the know trembled at the name long before Brown warned of its bizarre practices.
      David Yallop wrote a book called In God’s Name in which he lays the death of Pope John Paul 1 at the door of members of Opus Dei which at the time ran the Vatican and the Vatican Bank.Yallop pulls no punches and accuses them of the murder of the pope.
      John Cornwell does the same in A Thief in the Night.
      The pope had announced that he was disbanding Opus Dei the following day and he died throughout the night in very strange circumstances.
      It wouldn’t be the first time a pope was murdered,but he was a good man and could have made Catholicism into something resembling a religion for the people instead of for the hierarchy.
      A few years ago in Queensland there was an outcry over Opus Dei when it was found that people were unable to leave the society if they wanted to, and if they finally did, they lost all the business support they previously had.
      There were suicides and suspicious deaths in many countries.
      They urge young people to join and control their lives just like a cult.In fact they are a cult whatever they call themselves.
      The fact that they are associated with business and can make or break a person’s career suggests to me that there would be members in upper echelons of public life.
      Where ever you see a Catholic these days, look for his connection to Opus Dei.
      Brown barely touched on the danger of these people.They are the Spanish Inquisition reincarnated and stronger than ever.
      The reason John Paul 2 was elected when JP1 was got rid of, is because he was always sympathetic to Opus Dei, even to the extent of making Escriva a saint.
      David Yallop has never been proved wrong in any accusation he made in his book.It is a chilling read.One of the Vatican bankers whose body was found hanging from a bridge in London was supposed to have suicided but Yallop said he was murdered and this has only recently been proved right.
      See Robert Anton Wilson’s website.
      Opus Dei has its own church here in Brisbane and is very strong here.
      And of course it was set up by the Jesuits.


  2. Ranting Randi
    Geez I can’t stand that Randi.
    He says that testing someone to see if they can contact the dead is ridiculous as life after death is a fantasy.
    Well I wonder how he knows that.
    I don’t know that.
    I realise that he has made a career out of this and needs to do this to make money, but how does he live with himself.
    If anyone else out there knows that life after death is a fantasy please let me know.
    Then I’ll know as much as Randi.


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