News Briefs 11-01-2005

When the lamp on your bedside table gets in the way of the pile of books you are reading, it’s time to stop buying books…

  • New survey unveils the three biggest stars ever found.
  • Scientists confident of first-ever photo of an extra-solar planet.
  • Alan Boyle takes a look at the EVP movie White Noise. Also: ghostly chatter – fact or fiction?
  • New exhibition takes a look at Jerusalem Syndrome – a psychosis which occurs in tourists to Jerusalem, making them think they are Biblical characters. I sometimes think I’m an ass, does that count?
  • Get Richard Hoagland on the phone – what’s that bulging ring about the equator of Iapetus? On second thought, get me David Grinspoon, he might make more sense.
  • Part 3 of Astrobiology Magazine’s interview with Britain’s Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees.
  • Astronomers witness black hole in action.
  • Einstein ballet is art, says director. I guess it’s all relative.
  • Icebergs return to New Zealand waters after 57 years.
  • Rats can tell the difference between Dutch and Japanese languages.
  • A fireball and loud rumble impresses hundreds in Wisconsin. Seems to be plenty of this phenomenon happening around the globe presently…
  • Mysterious booms in Virginia – originally blamed on prankster teenagers – now believed to be caused by micro-quakes.
  • Skunk Ape movie to debut in April. I hope it doesn’t stink.
  • Extra-terrestrial mind control in India. I think India Daily is trying to trump Pravda
  • Aliens could exist on Saturn’s moon. Not Pravda or India Daily, but in fact scientists from the University of Florida.
  • Iranian archaeologists say that the Uruk period began at the same time as Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  • Swordfish heat their eyes to improve tracking of prey.
  • Implant stimulates regeneration of spinal nerves.
  • Sperm magnets set to help infertile men. We’re talking laboratory equipment by the way, not buxom blondes in miniskirts…
  • Can dogs sniff out cancer?
  • Scientists create reversible propellor 500 times smaller than a human hair.
  • Vatican to offer two-month course in Satanism and exorcisms. Take a look at The Exorcist for what happens when you fail this course.
  • Randi’s weekly skeptical excursion.
  • Hippo and tortoise team up as chums. I think there’s a children’s book in this.
  • Sunglasses help control epilepsy in dogs. Another book right here.

Quote of the Day:

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Douglas Adams

  1. Priorities
    Dear Greg:

    >>When the lamp on your bedside table gets in the way of the pile of books you are reading, it’s time to stop buying books…

    Say what??? Come to your senses, man! Books are a necessity!

    Oh, wait – I get it. You were probably just tuckered-out when you wrote that. After a good night’s rest, you’ll realize you just need to buy a lamp that you can bolt to the wall near the bed, or a bigger bedside table, and maybe another bookcase.


    1. do what I do
      Well you can always do what I do…stack them on the floor all over the house.
      I have run out of room for book cases and I never put them back anyway.
      Also I sleep alone in a double bed, so the other half is piled with books.
      Books are something you can always find room for.


    1. Books A Million
      Hi Regina,

      True, practical advice from all on how to make more room for books. Of course, now that they have shown their addiction to books, they will have no excuse when I eyeball them and ask if they’ve purchased my book…

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

        1. Cool!
          Hi Shadows,

          Can I ask where you ordered it from? I’ve noticed that both Amazons seem to be dragging their heels a bit, while Barnes and Noble on the other hand are posting it off pronto (post-Xmas blues at Amazon?). I’ve amended the ordering page to suggest people use B&N until Amazon get enough into stock to fulfill orders promptly.

          By the way, thanks for your support! Now, if I can just 99,999 other people to order it, all will be sweet.

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. Greg’s book
            Hi Greg,
            I’m not sure where my son is ordering the book from, it is a late birthday present.
            I will let you know when I receive it.
            I am AGOG!
            You are the first author I have known before he wrote a book.


          2. TDG by the book
            You could do what I did, and not buy a lamp … but now I have trouble reading all of the extra books I can stack on my bedside table where a lamp would normally be.

            I’m writing a children’s story based on a news link we posted on TDG a while ago, the little kid who sold his grandpa’s ghost on ebay. Of course, I must change the details so I don’t get sued (and some other writer who has an agent and publisher has probably already written it) …

            Well, now I’m lost. I just finished Haruki Murakami’s After the Quake (Amazon US or UK), and I can’t afford to buy another of his books. I wish they’d never end ….


            “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

          3. what about the library?
            Rick, what about the library where you live? I have been complaining about our library here for ages but if you ask for the books you want they will get them in from the State Library.
            And often here, they will buy the books you order if it suits them and the end of the financial year is coming.
            I buy too many books, and can’t afford them, but if I really like a book I want to own it.
            Guess you do too.


            PS. I have some children’s poems that need illustrating.Know anyone?
            Maybe we could do a book together.

      1. That AMAZING author
        O.K., I’ll bring up that subject. I want to know how I get my copy autographed by this AMAZING author that I’ve known since I remember when? Hmm? For your old pal who spent sleepless nights searching for pictures of Gods with upraised arms in every culture that’s ever been? LOL! 🙂 Really, so very proud of you Greg.


        1. Reggie
          Hi Regina,

          I really should credit you on that essay shouldn’t I? You were a marvellous help in keeping the ideas flowing. Do you have a website to link to with the credit? I’ll even give you a share of the profits from the essay – what’s 0 divided by 2? 😉

          To get your book signed, here’s the simple directions. Purchase a plane ticket to Brisbane, Australia. Fly here. I sign the book. Fly home. Voila.

          Of course, if anyone really wants a copy signed the easiest way is via post – although still rather expensive. The books are all printed in the US and UK, so I don’t have a batch on hand to send out unfortunately (I actually don’t have a copy at all, as I gave my proof to Grandma Grail for Xmas).

          Peace and Respect
          You monkeys only think you’re running things

          1. Not a problem
            Dear Greg,

            No, no, it was fun for me getting to follow your thoughts around. My pleasure. 🙂 It’s been way too long since my last all out free association web search. I really miss it. Nope, no website. I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is I want to say. 😉 When I do, you’ll be among the first to know. No, I’m just enjoying reading yours.

            I’m serious about the autograph though. I’m buying a copy for my local library as well and I’d like to have you sign both. Do you still have my email? I’ll take care of the shipping charges both ways if we can figure out what they are.


          2. Email
            Hi Regina,

            I probably do have your email, but it will be somewhere with the other 50,000 emails I get each year. 😉

            Could you just email me and I’ll get back to you on trying to work out a way of doing this.

            Peace and Respect
            You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Iapetus etc
    That moon as an edge like those cheap plastic balls, that are pressed together from 2 halves. Possibly this is the low cost Deathstar ?

    Greg, you just need to move to a place with a window next to a street light. There are things to be said in favour of living downtown.

    They should try this rat experiment with 2 more similar languages, like dutch and english. But I think they have enough to get the next round of funding.

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