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A few people have emailed regarding delays in delivery of my book Da Vinci in America from Amazon.com. Amazon have said that they are “still trying to order the book” – this is absolute nonsense, as DVIA is available on a 24 hour turnaround from the supplier (as evidenced by Barnes and Noble only taking 4 days from order to delivery for U.S. customers).

I would urge anyone waiting for the book from Amazon.com to cancel your order and instead purchase the book through Barnes and Noble (exactly the same price). It takes no time to set up a new account, as I happily found out myself. For those in the United Kingdom, there is no problem with Amazon UK, which I’m glad to report is shipping within 24 hours.

I have emailed three complaints to Amazon.com regarding their obvious problem in ordering, if you wish to add your voice then please do: go to this page, click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom and then let them know that you have been told the book is readily available, and query why then it hasn’t been ordered from the supplier yet. Thanks to anyone affected for your patience, and my sincere personal apologies for these unnecessary delays.