Poll-y Grail

Time for a new poll on the site, this time we’re looking at the ‘Holy Grail’ which seems to be dominating the news lately. The confusing background to this mystery is evident in the number of choices available – and I still didn’t put up every theory I’ve heard. If you vote other, please explain what your thoughts are in the comments section of the poll.

The previous poll on cryptozoology seemed to be evenly divided, with pretty much a third of the 750 respondents saying that ‘anomalous species’ are likely to be discovered, a third saying maybe, and a third thinking it unlikely. Remember that all polls, including this one, remain open and all are accessible through the poll page.

  1. Anomalous Species
    Talk about anomalous species! Check this out:


    Turns out that the U.S. military has known for over a decade that something resembling a whale has been wandering the oceans. Yet its song is nothing at all like the song of any other whale, and neither are its migration patterns.

    Makes me wonder if maybe there isn’t a primal song that links us all together, not only all people but all animals as well? One great epic of life on earth, an all inclusive “our song.”

    If there was such a thing, it would go way back farther than even the oral epics that preceded the Cuneiform “Original Truth” tablets!

    And is it a coincidence that those tablets were the very ones that went missing from the Baghdad Museum in spring of 2003, after the U.S. military had over a decade to work on this anomalous “whale song?” And people still think the U.S. went over there for oil!

    1. that’s amazing
      That’s an amazing story.For a start whales usually travel in pods so a lone whale is unusual.
      Your comment is pretty exceptional too….about a primal song that links all animals and humans together.
      That’s one of the best animal things I’ve read.
      Thank you.


      1. The Song
        Of course, I’m just speculating. But did you know that if you speed up a whale song, it sounds exactly like birds chirping? So the question is, are these all versions of one song, and what relationship do they have to the ancient songs and epics of humanity? The obvious place to look would be in the oldest surviving traces of human writing–in the Baghdad Museum. Given the importance of these records, I simply refuse to believe that the U.S. government “forgot” to secure the museum, and that it was “ransacked.” Seems pretty clear to me that someone wanted to get their hands on something. But what?

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