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News Briefs 21-12-2004

Someone graph the relationship between the sun’s movement on the horizon and the sales figures for toy stores. Call me crazy, but I think there may be a relationship here…

  • National Geographic offers some tips for an eco-friendly Christmas. Remember the days when the advice you got was to stay sober enough to walk? How times are changing…
  • Speaking of Xmas, here’s the sort of headline that you just can’t ignore: pagan genitalia smashed in church. What’s that in the collection plate?
  • NASA hacker gets 6 months in prison. The upside to prison sentences for hacking, is that you’ll probably be hired by the NSA as soon as you’re out.
  • What’s up with the UFO invasion of Australasia? Should I build a bunker?
  • Supposedly extinct reptiles and snakes found in Iran.Neo-cons accuse Iranians of harbouring dangerous fugitives.
  • Post-Kyoto climate negotiations look to be in trouble.
  • Smelling out your perfect mate. If you can smell them, avoid them.
  • The Da Vinci Code – definitely one for the fiction section. On that topic, the TDG book Da Vinci in America (about Dan Brown’s next novel) is ready to go, and we’re just waiting for our listing on Amazon…should be ready to buy around New Year.
  • Sci Fi Society gets validation and a tax break.
  • Owl flight may inspire aircraft techs.
  • Study disputes the randomness of dreams.
  • Bigfoot museum takes a fresh look at the big hairy dude.
  • Magnetic bracelets do ease pain.
  • Psychic reads your rump. “I see a crappy future ahead, involving a trip to Uranus. Put it all behind you.” (I’d continue but my toilet humour kit bag is a big one, and we’d be here all day).
  • Face of Jesus – or alternately Barry Gibb – appears on crumpet. Stay tuned for a phone call from an online casino…
  • James ‘Amazing’ Randi busts some moves on Larry King, Gary Schwartz and that Geller dude he’s always talking about.
  • Here’s the latest Near-Death Newsletter, looking very pretty with its new and improved format.
  • Ditto for the latest issue of New Scientist.
  • Robert Bauval tells you about the year that was.
  • Ghost hunters defend their occupation as science.
  • Founder of the Mormons about to become bicentennial man.
  • Belfast priest tells how he casts out demons.
  • Animal figures carved into prairie linked with Winter Solstice.
  • Astrobiology investigates the upcoming Deep Impact mission.
  • Santa complains about arctic lights which may be caused by climate change.
  • 30 Santas involved in drunken brawl.

Thanks Pam, get well soon.

Quote of the Day:

If Pacman had affected us as kids we’d be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.

Marcus Brigstocke

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