News Briefs 14-12-2004

Happy Birthday Scott!

Thanks Bill.

Quote of the Day:

If I were trying to terminate the operations of a witch coven, I’d probably seize everything in sight. How would I tell the ordinary household brooms from the getaway vehicles?

John Perry Barlow

  1. Quote of the Day
    Ordinary household brooms don’t have Learner stickers, parking tickets, CD systems or fluffy dice?

    OK…seriously. Did you know that broomsticks became associated with witches because of “flying ointment”? There are various recipes still extant, and I know of at least three that are relatively mild and “safe” for use without risk of death from poisoning. Most involve a grease base in which are dissolved some fairly powerful psychotropins such as belladonna, hemp, foxglove (digitalis), skin of toad (bufotinin)and mushrooms (pscylocibin or even muscimol . The resultant goop is applied to any handy mucous membrane…which is why a real witches’ broom is carved into a phallic shape under the bristles. Thus the legends of “flying” by “riding” a broomstick.

    Regards, C

    1. phallic broome handle fun
      wowwee kazowee and gee wizz

      i personally had no idea the origins of modern myth could have such a prosaic underbelly
      thanks for enlightening my life oh, wise and intelligent sage called “C”

  2. Bonnybridge twins with Roswell
    Hi Greg,

    I used to live in Falkirk, due East of Bonnybridge. My wiccan group’s grove was actually just outside Bonnybridge. (wonder if we were the cause behind any of the locals “close encounters”?) The thing is….Bonnybridge lies right under the main flightpath for Edinburgh Airport for transatlantic flights. Those big landing lights can be seen for dozens of miles on a clear night, shining as bright as Venus. As the planes turn for approach and line up on the runway, those lights can seem to hang suspended for a minute and more, then rush across the sky. The only video I ever saw of a “Bonnybridge” UFO was taken by the infamous publicity-seeker Ron Halliday from a large park near Falkirk. When it was zoomed in,it was clear that there were landing lights, and navigation lights, and a big tailfin with a floodlight illuminating the logo of a well known airline. Unfortunately, a lot of people have seen these lights and jumped to conclusions, inflating the number of “sightings” in the area.

    Regards, C

    1. bonny falkirk’s twinkling visitors
      once again you astound and amaze all that stand in your presence, or is it the other way around? you’re in their presence? i can’t remember
      you seem to be someone with both intelligence and a willingness to get into the the magickal realms of wicca also

      is there something you feel as if you need to discuss…perhaps?

  3. Athiest finds god
    Someone needs to show that athiest “A new kind of science”. When he sees how simple deterministic programs can produce unlimited complexity he may change his mind about the requirements of a so called “intelligent being” for the creation of the universe…

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