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1421 Critique

The skeptical website The Hall of Ma’at has posted a new essay to their site, a critique of Gavin Menzies’ 1421: The Year China Discovered America (Amazon US and UK). Written by Bill Hartz, the essay is titled “Gavin’s Fantasy Land“:

At least superficially the book looks as if it might be a serious history; it has the form, quite a few endnotes with source citations, a long bibliography, etc. And it has some heft, 552 pages. But alas, in our opinion it’s not really a history, it’s a poser, and belongs on the fiction list

Note that the address is temporary while THOM website rearranges itself after a hard drive crash. Interested readers might request though that they at least pull the width in from a full page…makes the eyes a bit weary after a while.