Triangle Television

In a welcome move for UFO enthusiasts, a Nevada television station has given decent coverage to the Black Triangle phenomenon. Using some of the great images that exist of the triangles (or at least, their lights), as well as drawing on the excellent NIDS research, it’s good to see down-to-earth programming about UFOs for a change – kudos to them.

For a slightly different edge, check out this week’s feature of ‘Naked Science‘ on the National Geographic Channel. The subject is alien contact, and a number of scientists have been interviewed for it, including SETI’s Seth Shostak.

  1. Oi! An Evil Doritto!
    Good Job Listing this Greg, I commend.

    These, Triangles, are certainly of a curious nature. One thing I didn’t hear about in the report, or read about in the few places I checked out, was that, maybe ‘they’ WANT us to see ‘them’. Surely those lights aren’t for the benefit of the passengers of the things. That would be like a semi truck driving with his turn signals. They aren’t bright enough, and they aren’t ‘spotlighty’ enough. Paranormal should intrigue everyone, for it is out there.

    Interesting that EW8 made the effort to make the notion that ‘since there was the theory that they were military specail ops was out BEFORE the sightings increased it simply CAN’T be an option anymore. Which halfway makes sense, and halfway astounds me that ineptitude of that magnitude is abound. Clearly, America (by that I mean Bush’s military) doesn’t seem to interested in these ‘watchers’. I mean, they were willing to fleece the masses to send thousands to die just because ‘terrorists’ reside there. I don’t know about ya’ll, but most criminals ‘case’ the joint for a reason. Is Earth being cased?

    eYe 4 an eYe, leaves everyone blind.

  2. Seth Shostak
    Well I guess we should be pleased that Shostak has at least gone from total denial of alien life forms to saying that we will eventually make contact.
    It amazes me though that still after all this time they still say that the laws of physics are uniform throughout the universe.
    I think if there are other dimensions which the scientists maintain is more than possible, then there would be other laws of phyics.
    But then what would I know.


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