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May the Skull ‘n Bones member of your choosing be elected leader of the free world…

  • Are electronic voting machines reliable? Bit late to ask now methinks…
  • Got any Antarctic lakes? Hell yes, 145 and counting.
  • UK to screen embryos for cancer gene.
  • US stem cells tainted by mouse material.
  • Tourists to be shut out of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. A good enough reason for me to plug the awesome Theban Mapping Project website.
  • What’s the history behind the City of Peace – Jerusalem? Not much of note, I’m sure…
  • Ancient relics damaged during Japanese earthquake. No, the Rolling Stones weren’t touring…
  • 47,000 archaeological finds were unearthed by the general public in the UK last year. Keep a close eye on those subversive people at the Antiques Roadshow…”6th century crown of King Arthur, 70 quid I’d say”.
  • Kidding aside, the more likely route for ‘found’ items seems to be E-Bay.
  • And if they can’t find it, they’ll steal it: rare Chinese jewellery stolen from British Museum. Hope they left a sizeable donation on the way in…
  • Iran and France to co-operate on archaeology and art history. A smart move I guess for the Louvre, seeing as Egypt’s becoming a closed shop.
  • Pompeii gets a digital makeover. “Much better than that volcanic makeover,” say residents.
  • Map of Italy in the 5th Century BCE found?
  • Italian researcher starts controversy by claiming Gutenberg is wrongly credited with printing the first European book. That Steve Gutenberg, he’s a real Renaissance man…first Police Academy, then book printing…wow.
  • Want to see more research into the ‘James Ossuary’, said to be a fake? Sign the petition at the Biblical Archaeology website if you agree.
  • Standing stone reveals ancient secrets.
  • Does eating a wriggling Samoan worm seem a bit nauseating? How about if we told you that it’s not actually the worm, but the sperm packets it just released? Mmmm, Samoan worm sperm packets…see if that turns up on the McDonald’s menu in the near future.
  • Finding a ‘bridge to the afterlife’ through electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).
  • A Sunday chat with a witch.
  • New book examines 1898 murder and haunting.
  • Search for giant sasquatch draws the curious to Canada Lake.
  • Meanwhile, the legend of Big Bird remains a mystery.
  • Nicolas Cage recounts his very own ghost story. Cage’s movie National Treasure (trailer) is out November 19.
  • Scottish town to pardon 81 people and their cats who were executed centuries ago on suspicion of witchcraft.
  • The latest rant from Randi.
  • News story on Lloyd Pye and the Starchild Skull. Also see Bill’s blog from last week.
  • Something inexplicable in the sky.
  • Titan photos raise more questions than they answer.
  • Shuttle to return to flight in May 2005, but flights will be reduced.
  • Will astronauts be put into hibernation. What would be cool is if they showed some of the Alien films just before they went to sleep.
  • Alien hunter says ETs aren’t friendly.
  • Does chaos theory explain how we learn to walk?
  • Dolphins big brains evolved in spurts.
  • Compound slows key step in Alzheimer’s.

Thanks Pam.

Quote of the Day:

I’ll show you politics in America; here it is, right here: I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs! I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking! Hey wait a minute, there’s one guy holding up both puppets! Shut up! Go back to bed America, your government is in control…here’s “Love Connection”; watch this and get fat and stupid! By the way, keep drinking beer…

Bill Hicks