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New Pyramid Robot

The Egyptian State Information Service is reporting that Dr Zahi Hawass will undertake a new exploration of the “Gantenbrink Doors” late next year:

The University of Singapore is currently designing a robot to reach beyond the door which blocked the route of the robot used by the US National Geographic in September 2003, said Hawas in statements on Saturday.

The ‘expedition’ is scheduled to go ahead in October 2005.

  1. Zahi Hawass
    This man cannot be trusted. He’s building a wall around the site at Giza and restricting public inspection and scrutiny of his secretive work going on in and around the Pyramids. His action is much like that of Col. Vyse and forging the Pharaoh’s name inside the GP. These monuments belong to the world and not to one individual such as Hawass. It seems there is no stopping him and his cronies from pilaging this site.
    I’m sure that the dramatics of “what’s on the other side” of the door will be drawn out in a special on FOX but my best guess is that Zahi already has undertaken the steps to see what is behind “door number one” and is creating a smoke screen for the public with his announcement of this venture.

  2. The wall might not be that bad.
    As much as I dislike Hawass, I am undecided/slightly positive about the wall.

    One of the most disparaging and irritating things about Giza is the many hawkers, con men, and other hustlers who know no shame in hounding the poor tourist silly, when all he wants to do is sit quietly and gaze at those beautiful pyramids. Do you want to go sit peacefully on the Giza plateau, mind your own business, and read your favorite pyramidiot book? Very hard to do, and this is a real shame.

    I myself am a pyramidiot, and would like to practice my idiocy without having to say “no thank you”, sometimes extremely forcefully, about every 45 seconds, when I am there.

    One might think that there would be other ways to fight this problem, like have the guards chase them out, etc., but in cultures like this that sort of solution does not work very well and creates a lot of ill feelings in the community.

    If the wall can help restore some of the dignity and original aura of the complex, I am for it, despite the negative aspects of it.

    1. The Wall
      I understand what your saying about the undesirables that would pester their own shadow if they could. I believe that the problem could be curbed much like prostitution…maybe not, since I have not experienced the problem first hand. My comment about the wall was only to point to the “how it appears” to the world about Hawass and his secret dealings with the Giza Plateau. The wall is probably a good thing but I believe its purpose maybe two-sided and benefits Hawass and Lerner more than anything….

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