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I hate it when I’m right…

  • Did an exploding star change the course of human evolution?
  • Superflu a threat as ducks emerge as the stealth carrier. Except when they go ‘quack’, you can generally spot them then.
  • What’s causing the decline in bird and animal numbers? ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ perhaps? Also: half of European bird species in danger of extinction.
  • Ruins of Manichean centre found in West Azerbaijan.
  • Concerns over tilting Taj Mahal dismissed. “A bottle of Scotch is all you need to straighten it up,” say archaeologists. Hic.
  • Excavated Civil War submarine had sophisticated design. Not sophisticated enough to stop three crews from dying, but hey – it was 1864, so we’ll give them some latitude.
  • Pompeii pottery may rewrite history.
  • Archaeologist claims 90% of Pakistani and Iranian sites have been looted of their treasures, which are flooding into the London blackmarket.
  • Antarctic forests reveal ancient trees.
  • Forget the electric automobile, what about a car that runs on beef liver and hydrogen peroxide?
  • Independent seismologists question earthquake prediction system. System replies, “42”.
  • US government’s latest supercomputer officially crowned as most powerful numbercruncher on the planet. Imagine what they’ve got that we haven’t been told about…
  • Weapons expert denounces space weapons, calls for treaty instead.
  • New $50 million space prize launched with goal of orbiting space tourists.
  • UK government rejects calls to revolutionise peer-review process for scientific papers.
  • Giant hail found to be killer of more than 200 in Himalayas.
  • China ramps up their human spaceflight efforts. Did someone say ‘race’?
  • The brothers Richardson, of Gonzo Science fame, hold their first UFO conference.
  • 60 firefighters battle blaze involving 450 tonnes of chocolate at English Cadbury factory. Now that’s hot chocolate.
  • NASA studies the original ‘Rain Man’, Kim Peek, to try and figure out how his amazing skills keep improving with age.

Quote of the Day:

The bombs destroyed the area and left behind a 60-foot crater, or as coalition forces prefer to call it: a ‘freedom hole’.

Jon Stewart