Grail Quest

In response to the recent story about the decoding of the Shugborough Hall monument, the BBC has an interesting article at the moment titled “The Never-Ending Search“. The article focuses on the idea of the Holy Grail, and asks whether it is a physical item or not. Thanks Marcus for the heads-up.

  1. Family loyalty
    Readers may be interested in the following letter that appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph, in response to a somewhat ironic feature on the Da Vinci Code business the previous week. It was headed “Uncle Pierre”.

    “Your profile of The Da Vinci Code refers to “the fantasies of the late Pierre Plantard”. This man, Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, was my uncle, and far from being a fantasist, was an unsung resistance hero and a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.

    Moreover, the present Grand Master (Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair) has recently written to the mayor of Rennes le Chateau, complaining about the closure of the cemetery and the removal of the lighting in the church.

    Nor has Abbé Sauniere’s body be “reburied under tons of concrete”; it remains in his original grave untouched. The new tomb is empty!”

    Céline Plantard, London SW12

    Does anyone have any information about Ms Plantard and her role in these events? Also, is her claim about the new tomb true?


    1. madame plantard
      I can only hazard a guess.

      In various writings, Pierre seems to indicate that he had a brother named Etienne in England. These also seem to suggest, BTW, that the relationship was contentious.

      Celine could be his daughter. Has anybody tried to contact or interview her?

      Last I heard, though, Thomas wanted nothing to do with this whole affair, so if this is his first cousin (?), she may not know her cousin well.

      Steven Mizrach
      Academic, Pop Culture Junkie, Grail Recycler

    2. Ms Plantard
      Hi Nelson,
      I have seen this letter before in an Australian paper.Can’t remember what paper, about 3 months ago.
      There must be some information about her somewhere.


  2. a starange quote
    “who know the world is full of gullible people looking for miracles and they keep on promising that this time the miracle’s going to come true. ”

    “Only it isn’t – but the money keeps rolling in.”

    a strange quote from a man of the cloth. isnt the christian chursh built on exactly the same lines? lol

  3. Bliss….
    Words are ultimately pointless about the Grail…it’s a mystical experience and a blissful one whose basis is a pure love – amor, amor, amor.
    It’s easy to see the old and new testament as part of a training system – to see the grail involves great difficulty.It’s always covered by a veil…our own misunderstanding about our real being.
    to live in Christ is to suffer in the waste land, but the lover knows he is always redeemed because he is one with his eternal bride.

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