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Updated: Da Vinci in America is now available, see here for a free chapter and ordering details.

For all those interested in The Da Vinci Code and other Dan Brown novels: I’m pleased to announce that TDG will soon be releasing its first book, a fun look at the possible topics which will feature in Dan Brown’s upcoming book The Solomon Key. Titled Da Vinci in America, our book scans the clues left by Brown as to the subject matter of The Solomon Key, and fills in the details to give you some background before you read Brown’s book.

The book evolved after I noticed much of the content of The Solomon Key looked like it crossed over with some of my own research – rather than cram it all into an essay on the site, I thought it would be better to self-publish a small book on it. It’s all in fun, trying to guess the content of the next Brown book, as well as filling in a lot of ‘hidden history’ you might not be aware of.

I’m hoping that the proceeds raised from the sales of this book will help guarantee the future of TDG, and perhaps enable us to publish other books on the subjects we are all interested in. The book will be available through Amazon, hopefully within a couple of weeks – so if you or a member of your family are into Dan Brown’s books, take a look at Da Vinci in America when we release it. More details soon.