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Atlantis Rising #49

Issue 49 of Atlantis Rising is complete, and likely to be on news-stands in mid-December. For those with bandwidth to spare, you can skip the wait (and news-stand price) by going to the Atlantis Rising website and downloading the PDF file of the entire issue. Some of the contents are:

  • Len Kasten investigates advanced technology and life after death
  • Have the Mayan Prophecies for between now and 2012 begun to unfold?
  • John Kettler explores the Montauk Route to the stars.

  • Jeff Nisbet produces photographic proof for the UFO presence.
  • Steven Sora investigates the power and the business of sacred relics.
  • Was the cure for cancer discovered in the 1930s?

For full details, check the website.

  1. Incident at North Berwick
    Dear Greg:

    Thanks for posting this. I did the same thing a few days ago on my TDG blog, but now you’ve given me the opportunity to promote my own contribution to Atlantis Rising #49.

    To those of you who are interested in UFOs and perhaps our own possible extreterrestrial and ancient roots, my article, “Incident at North Berwick: The Skies Are Buzzing over Bonnie Scotland,” should be of interest to you.

    Set in North Berwick, Scotland, one of the world’s increasingly famous UFO “hotspots,” my article uses the evidence of my own photogrpahs and films to convincingly (I hope) put forth the following observations.

    1. That the UFOs are regularly “cruising” around the skies of Central Scotland at an astonishing Mach 6.6 (which is 6.6 times the speed of sound), and in broad daylight. This translates to 1.25 miles per second, which is too fast for the eye to see.

    2. That the UFOs are emerging from BELOW the Earth, not from above. Those who argue that the incomprehensibly vast distances of space would make it impossible for us to have visitors from out there, should consider that our visitors are (and always have been) much, much closer. It seems, indeed, that they are as much “Earthlings” as we are (and maybe moreso).

    All Best!


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