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Now I wonder what percentage of our military budgets we could afford to cut in order to provide decent servies for the disabled?

  • Steven Spielberg to take on the afterlife in his next television series, Nine Lives. Where do I send my application for script writer?
  • Good thing you’re in the US Steven, as British ‘humanists’ call for ban on paranormal programming on television. Ah no, you’ve got CSICOP’s Council for Media Integrity and their fascist policies to contend with. What time was the revolution starting, I need to set my alarm…
  • Near-death researcher told of OBEs, lights, and a Jesus-like figure.
  • Teenager missing for eight days found alive in her wrecked car by a woman who said prayer and dreams led her to the site.
  • Black River UFO mystery explained. And the balsa wood interior of the UFO seemed so realistic…
  • When two pixels from your television screen (during the Waltons no less) emerge and turn into aliens, you know the evening is about to get interesting. G’night John-boy.
  • Disclosure Project Australia has released their latest newsletter, about the cover-up in Australia.
  • Black triangle report from Tennessee. Does anybody else see triangles? I guess so.
  • Scrubbing up for surgery in space.
  • Scientists check whether the Red Planet is doing the Marsquake. Shut up already, damn (with apologies to Prince).
  • The prognosis is good for other Earth-like planets.
  • Russian space researchers will mimic Mars challenges by locking six men in a metal tube for a year and a half. Nice gig, wonder how you get volunteered for that.
  • How to build a universe – just add cause and effect. Smoke a big spliff and try and read that story, I dare ya.
  • And just to really freak you out: scientists find that ‘you’ are only a small part of ‘you’…the rest of you is a loose conglomeration of bacterial, viral and fungal cells.
  • Research discovers that 80 percent of our cognitive power is cranking away on tasks completely unknown to us.
  • Coalition of churches forms ‘Project Noah‘ to campaign against global warming. If they start building a boat, I’m outta here.
  • Global warming clock ticks faster. Some might say only a faulty clock ticks faster. Also: sharp rise in carbon dioxide levels point at start of runaway global warming.
  • Mysterious mesa formations turn out to be ancient water storage system.
  • Archaeologists search the Scottish millennia beneath the surface of Loch Lomond.
  • Robert Ballard praises the work of his submersible 7-foot robot. Put your hand down Mr Freud!
  • No, the Vikings did not come to America. Apparently.
  • Miracle coincidences are bound to happen, mathematically speaking. Apparently.
  • Randi’s latest newsletter. Hmmm, the Geller fixation continues.
  • Statue of Virgin Mary tumbles minutes after church hosts final mass.
  • Fish communicate by farting. I’ve known some great communicators…
  • Expert puts down mysterious clothing hole phenomenon to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Did I miss something in that story?
  • Study shows that switching off a single gene can eliminate cancer. If only it was that easy to get rid of reality TV.
  • Nanoparticle test shows up harmful bacteria within minutes.
  • Doctor claims that dolphins have power to alter our DNA. I dunno what you’re letting those dolphins do to you dude, but I hope they sterilise.
  • Superman dies, aged 52.

Quote of the Day:

I feel strongly that we are not our bodies. In fact, if a person says “my body,” who is the “me” that is being referred to? Clearly, the spirit and body are two different things. And beyond that, I’m still searching for the meaning of it all.

Christopher Reeve