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May Day Mystery

For the cryptic minded out there, here’s a mystery in the model of Oak Island and Rennes-le-Chateau. For more than two decades, an anonymous source has been posting cryptic ads (sometimes full-page, at a cost of over $1000) in the University of Arizona’s newspaper, The Arizona Daily Wildcat. Generally posted on May 1st each year – although material has been added on other days as well – the ads contain strange clues in multiple languages along with mathematical formulas and patterns.

An employee of the newspaper, Bryan Hance, has created a website devoted to this strange case, simply titled the May Day Mystery. The site compiles all known submissions, and allows for analysis by others. Stranger though, is this article which explores Hance’s links with a lawyer implicated in the mystery, believed by many to be the source of the strange ads. You can’t make this stuff up – have a browse over the weekend, sure to spin your brain somewhat. Thanks David.

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