Civilisation One

Christopher Knight has a new project in the works, a book titled Civilisation One which will be co-authored with Alan Butler. This book takes over the work of Alexander Thom on the ‘Megalithic Yard’, an allegedly universal measure of the ancient world, and searches for the source:

The standard view of history is that the further back in time one looks, the greater will be the disorganisation. In fact, the reverse is the case — the deeper we peer into the past, the greater the harmony.

The book is available from Amazon US and UK. Also, make sure you check out the website which has plenty of information about this new quest for the origins of measure (not to mention time, music, and pints of beer). Flash is required to view the site.

  1. Civilisation One
    This book is already on the bookshelves in the UK. It is stocked by my local Waterstones in Edinburgh as well as being available through the Ancient and Medieval History Bookclub and, no doubt, other retailers.

    1. Ahah
      Right you are! I’ve amended the story with this information, thanks for the heads-up.

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Indeed So…
    We were highly advanced in most ancient times passed…but there is a great effort to hide this fact from humanity and I wish it would all stop. But, no. At times I feel that my story is closer to the real facts of our existence than anything I read anywhere from the book of record. See my website.


  3. Deja vu
    Ya, it’s been out in the UK and I’m sorry to say I spent money on it. The subject matter is tedious and many authors have covered lots of it before. It’s all about measurements! I knew that and bought it – I think I went mad. 😐 My personal view? Well, I’ll be blunt : if you want a book that makes you go to sleep then buy it, otherwise go and buy something that isn’t just a re-hash of other material.

    I’m getting worried – what is it with acclaimed authors writing books that just aren’t as good as we know they could be? Talisman? This one? *hrumph*

    1. I liked it
      Hi there,

      With the greatest respect I really enjoyed this book.. I have lent it to a friend who has a Phd in Maths and has studied Quantum Physics to check it out though. These does seem to be strange correlations between ancient sites and I think that we should explore such things with an open mind..

      After all the man who said T-Rex hunted in packs was ridiculed for years – turns out he was right.

      Hancock was ridiculed for saying there was ancient cities, pre what history tells us – then in Underworld he found strong evidence to support his theory..

      shouldnt we give people a chance??

      With respect.

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