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The old poll seemed to be stagnating a little, so I’ve changed the topic (although not the location). Four in ten people thought the next pyramid robot would just uncover another ‘door’, three in ten foresee a dead end, and one in ten predicted a tomb will be found. All older polls remain active, and can be accessed on the poll page.

Shifting our attention at Giza from Khufu’s pyramid down to the Sphinx, the new poll question asks for your opinion on the age of this enigmatic monument. I’ve tried to group the possible dates into logical periods starting with the orthodox assumption, and then heading backwards with various geologists’ ideas (Colin Reader, David Coxhill and Robert Schoch respectively), and ending with the period favoured by many ‘alternative historians’.

Speaking of Robert Schoch, if anyone has difficulties in reaching his website it may be because it has moved domain. The new domain is now RobertShoch.net – plenty of interesting articles available so if you haven’t dropped by before I suggest a browse. We will also be featuring a review of Robert Shoch’s Voyages of the Pyramid Builders (Amazon US and UK) here in the very near future, along with a one-on-one interview concerning his recent research and of course the big questions surrounding the Sphinx controversy.