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Radio 14-09-2004

Once again, what’s happening on alternative radio this week. Paul Devereux should be a good listen on Tuesday on C2C:

Jeff Rense Show: Monday night Jeff talks to Loren Coleman regarding the copycat effect and Skip Mathews on Eisner leaving Disney. Tuesday Peter Davenport has NUFORC eyewitness reports, Wednesday is Charles R. Smith on world events. Thursday sees regular Patricia Doyle discussing emerging diseases and Friday Brian Vike talks about BC UFO phenomena. Saturday as usual is best of Rense.

Coast to Coast AM: On Monday Stanton Friedman and Frank Feschino will update the Flatwoods UFO Monster case, with Evan Schwartz following up with cases of suppression of independent inventors. Tuesday Paul Devereux will be discussing archaeological themes and unusual geophysical phenomena, Wednesday George talks with Adrienne Felice about crossing ‘the veil’ into the spirit world, while on Thursday inventor Fred Bell will be talking about nuclear receptor technology, the holographic projector, and his present research on virtual field technology.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the respective websites.

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