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News Briefs 22-09-2004

Energy seems to be the main theme of the news. That and weirdness…but that’s a given here at TDG.

  • First published study on Martian methane concludes that pockets of life are the only plausible cause.
  • Mussels near North Pole hint at global warming.
  • Scientists find extremophiles in some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth – widening the prospects for extraterrestrial life.
  • explores the question of whether petroleum is really just a fossil fuel.
  • Having said that, is the hydrogen car a possibility?
  • Photosynthesis – via spinach – may the future of solar cells.
  • France to convert 34 tonnes from surplus US weapons into fuel for power stations. So relieved to see France and the US working together on this, maybe the fries will be French again now…
  • Those nifty Mars rovers have survived the communications blackout and are set to continue their already extended mission. I want whatever batteries those things use put in my kids’ toys.
  • $3000 for a ride in a vomit-comet seems like an expensive way to lose your lunch.
  • What do you eat on the way to Mars?
  • Sweet-tooth astronomers find sugar reservoir some 26,000 light years away. Send out the mining ships!
  • Northrop-Grumman gets $400 million contract to design NASA’s “Jimo” Jupiter probe. I really need to get my money into military stocks.
  • Global light relay idea meets opposition.
  • Incans smashed and burned their own temple rather than have it fall into the hands of the Spanish, says archaeologist.
  • Uncontrolled looting in Iraq signals the massacre of Mesopotamian archaeology.
  • Was the proposed expedition to find Noah’s Ark, just a stunt? National Geographic investigates.
  • Transcript of Zahi Hawass’ keynote speech to the ninth International Congress of Egyptologists.
  • They sure don’t make ’em like they used to. Plain old Texas 40-watt lightbulb to celebrate 96 years of continued illumination.
  • For humans, the sky is always falling.
  • Perhaps with good reason – with CJD and CWD on the rise in animal populations, what are the implications for humans?
  • A chat with the director of the indie movie “Incident at Loch Ness“.
  • What better reason do you need – a vote for Bush is a vote against the occult armageddon plot.
  • UFO hot-spot clocks up another sighting.
  • Capturing fairies on film – it’s a tough gig.
  • The upside of hurricanes – rangers on the lookout for washed-up shipwrecks.
  • New plan to legalise online file-sharing, but cover losses through internet taxes.
  • Forget your package – it’s the voice that rules your sex life. Barry White must have really got it on.

Quote of the Day:

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.We have guided missiles and misguided men.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. The Cottingley Fairies

    It was not until 1978 that a researcher noticed that the fairies in the pictures were almost identical to fairy figures in a children’s book called Princess Mary’s Gift Book, which had been published in 1915 shortly before the girls took the photographs.

    The photographs in question:

    Frances Griffiths with four dancing fairies
    Elsie Wright with a gnome
    Frances with a leaping fairy
    A fairy offers Elsie flowers
    Fairies in their sunbath


  2. Zahi’s Keynote Speech
    VOTE 1 for Zahi to be the next President of the IAE!! Egypt, the SCA and Ancient Egyptian history would be so much better off, apparently!

    I especially like the part of the speech where Z has stopped any further diggings at Giza. Why not stop a generation of archeologists from researching the most important location in the world? Does that ban relate to the Pharoh and Egyptian teams or just those inferior types from outside the SCA and Egypt?

    1. Zahi’s Keynote Speech
      “I especially like the part of the speech where Z has stopped any further diggings at Giza”.

      Pay attention now!

      Hawass actually states: “we have instituted a ban on ALL new excavation projects from Giza to Abu Simbel”. Which is not specifically Giza orientated as your post implies.

      Secondly, the said ban covers a vast portion of southern Egypt, not Just Giza!

      Thirdly, the focus on Northern or Delta archaeology was initiated by the former head of the SCA, Dr. Gaballah Ali Gaballah, not Dr Zahi Hawass. Hawass seems to be following up on Gaballah’s impetus to consolidate archaeology in theses areas. The Delta, particularly under threat from rising groundwater, and the desert regions have received little interest from Egyptalogical missions. On the other hand Giza has been studied and published Ad infinitum by both orthodox and alternative writers!

      1. re: Zahi’s Keynote Speech
        Hi Anon / Mark,

        How are the fish sandwiches?

        You state:

        “Pay attention now!

        Hawass actually states: “we have instituted a ban on ALL new excavation projects from Giza to Abu Simbel”. Which is not specifically Giza orientated as your post implies.”

        Remember tone and level, Mark!

        I actually paid attention the first time I read the article. Now after reading your reply, I have paid attention a second time. A statement, “from Giza to Abu Simbel” refers to all & every location within that description, does it not?? I don’t believe I used the phrase “specifically Giza” in my post, or used any other terminology that implies the same.


        1. Publish or Perish
          A moratorium from Egypt’s “Dan to Beersheba”! That should reduce the number of job openings posted on the web site from six to about zero. However, I have to agree with the Great Egyptian in one respect. Egyptologists have gathered a pyramid of data, but are very slow to make it available to their fellows much less the public. How many Egyptologists have a web site where they freely post their research papers and other information. Sadly, the academic tradition has been to carefully guard research and only publish in obscure journals. There is no good reason (I can think of) that all such proceedings not be put on the web. There is no shortage of labor at the universities, only the will to change the culture and make it happen. I was glad to see Nigel Strudwick commended for his web site. He is a role model not only for this but also his excellent book publications like “Thebes in Egypt” written along with his wife Helen.

  3. Occult Armaggedon Plot
    Hi Greg,

    Every now and again I think about finding the most outrageously ridiculous conspiracy nutter’s theory as a news item, sort off like the “light laugh at the end” that the TV News folks do. You have surpassed my wildest dreams by finding this one. Thank you 🙂

    Warm regards, C

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