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Sorry the news is very light today. Events have conspired to deny me the time for a longer news.

  • Ether – a null result, or an anulled result?
  • A newly discovered ancient tomb?
  • DNA study reveals a Phoenician-Maltese link.
  • How ancient Sinhala Brahmi numerals were invented.
  • Body clocks hinder space travel.
  • Utah holds secrets of ancient civilisation.
  • Genes expose secrets of sex on the side.
  • Should history recant itself?
  • Saturn’s Translucent Rings.
  • 1918 killer flu virus to be tested in UW lab.
  • Government Insider Says Bush
    Authorized 911 Attacks.

  • Pre-emptive strike on Iran on the cards?
  • Space: the path not taken.
  • China’s GM trees get lost in bureaucracy.

Quote of the Day:

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.

William Shakespeare