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Radio 03-08-2004

Once again, the radio schedules for the first half of the week:

Jeff Rense Show: Monday night Jeff chats with David Hatcher Childress about his latest book and Charlotte Iserbyt on ‘Bush vs Kerry’, Tuesday sees George Filer present his MUFON UFO Report and Tim Sawyer discuss the letters of a Civil War surgeon, more Bush-Kerry on Wednesday with David John Oates as well as Mark Weber giving an Ernst Zunel update, Thursday night is packed with Scott Portzline and Kyle Rabb on US nuclear plants, William Henry with ‘Cloak Of The Illuminati’ and Jani Allan on the genocide of whites in SA, Friday is Dave Oester/Sharon Gill on EVP Ghostvoice Recordings and Tim Rifat with ‘World On The Edge’, Saturday as usual is ‘Best of Rense’.

Coast to Coast AM: Monday night George Noory talks to former journalist Scott Gulbransen for the first hour on border security issues while author Steve Quayle will discuss the terrorism update. After that cryptozoology author Loren Coleman will update listeners on the latest mysterious creature sightings. Tuesday sees Dr. Michael Salla discussing claims that as many as 57 different extraterrestrial races are currently interacting with humanity, on Wednesday investigative journalist Jayna Davis will share compelling evidence that Nichols and McVeigh did not act alone in the Oklahoma City bombing, and Thursday’s guest is British author and lecturer Benjamin Crème who is the messenger and spokesperson for the Maitreya, a “world teacher” he claims is here among us today.

More details including relevant links are available at the respective websites.

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