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Pyramid Robot III

For those that missed it in Rico’s news on Monday, the Egyptian State Information Service is reporting the announcement of the next attempt on the ‘Gantenbrink Door’s in the Great Pyramid at Giza:

The Supreme Council of Antiquities SCA Secretary-General Dr. Zahi Hawass said the secrets of the pyramids will be revealed next year, noting that the council agreed with a Singaporean University to manufacture a robot for revealing what are behind the secret doors inside the pyramid, especially the second and the third ones.

He added that work is underway in the radar project that will be used in revealing what is inside the ground between the second Pyramid and the Sphinx.

I’m not sure of the reason for the second part of the announcement – anybody have more information as to what the good doctor is searching for between the Sphinx and Khafre’s pyramid?

  1. Zany Zahi
    Only Zahi knows what’s going on under that fedora of his.

    Didn’t the SCA do some ground-penetrating radar work around the sphinx a couple of years ago? I may be mixing this up with news of a request to do so, I’m not sure.

    All I can say for now is I hope National Geographic isn’t involved, I’d hate to see a debacle like the last “live” door opening!

    I’d love to be a fly on the SCA’s meeting room wall…


    “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

  2. Pyramid Robot III
    Edgar Cayce predicted well over 60 years ago that there are rooms with knowledge of the universe between the sphinx and the pyramid that would be opened about now. I imagine that is the significance of the announcement.

    1. cayce predictions
      I have heard several different accounts of the information (or history in scroll form) “falling from the right hand of the great sphinx”. . .or something to that effect. I always assumed that it was going to be IN the sphinx, but that would make sense. Truly, I’m not surprised at all.

  3. Singapore
    Don’t surprise me a bit that he picked Singapore. I spend quite a lot of time there, am on my way there again now. Singaporeans are by nature very docile, have a great deal of respect for authority, and will not protest much like Brits, Germans, or Americans. (or Aussies 😉 should things start to get fishy, or should they be suddenly asked to be quiet about something. – Dashour

  4. Zahi’s Latest Crusade
    Nothing will eventuate from this. This man has an agenda to manipulate the truth to show that these Giza structures were built by the 25th century BC people buried on the plateau.

    Anything found that proves to the contrary will be hidden and not referred to.

    This man has proven time and time again that he is irrational and loose with the truth.

    Can you imagine Pharoh Z admitting in a world press conference that his team found something that links the GP with a transient civilization or a race of people resembling African descent??? I didn’t think so!!

    Can anyone else rememember the ramblings about alternate authors during the last Nat Pornographic doco when he was opening a tomb for the “very first time”??


  5. structures in the ground
    There are scriptures telling there should be structures buried underground btw the pyramis and the sphinx. There should also be a passageway leading under the sphinx in a chamber containing all the knowledge from the time before the great flood. I cannot right away recall where i read all this, but I believe these are mentioned in several publications.

    It is amazing Mr Hawass would be interested in finding this passageway and knowledge since he has repeatedly said the egyptians built the whole thing. Finding this info would ruin the timeline and origin of pyramids and the sphinx.

    More likely he will not reveal anything he finds as someone already said in another comment here.

    Egyptian artefacts should be INTERnationalized and made available to ANY reputable science teams to explore. The knowledge gained is not only for the egyptians to sit on.

    1. you said it
      I think that what there is to be found has already been found.I cannot imagine Hawass deciding to share anything with the world. You can be sure that any future documentaries on “finding” stuff will be just like the last one, a big joke.

      What makes me annoyed though is that when scientists of some repute are involved in documentaries proposing their theories and findings,Hawass becomes so angry that he then bans them from further investigation in Egypt.

      It would be interesting to find out just who Hawass’ back-up is, apart from NG.
      There’s gotta be some big joe in there pulling his strings.Hawass is not high enough to be calling all the shots all the time.


      1. Edgar Cayce Foundation and U of Penn.
        If you are looking for the original purse strings for Zahi, look no further than the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the off-shoot group of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. This group, together in an unholy alignment with the University of Pennsylvania, created two of the formost ‘experts’ in Egyptology today, Zahi Hawass and Mark Lehner. Come on, for U of P to give Zahi a degree in ‘EGYPTOLOGY & SYRO-PALESTINIAN ARCHAEOLOGY’, there had to be something up, because there is no such thing as Syro-palestinian archaeology. There is no such thing as Palestine except after the Balfor declaration at the turn of the 20th century. THe A.R.E. has an agenda which they tried to foster upon Zahi. Zahi also has an agenda, and clever devil that he is, took the ARE for a ride. After recieving all their grants, gifts, free education, and great press, he did commence to turn virulantly nationalist and anti-zionist. This upset the A.R.E.; their Frankenstien monster got off the table and decided to ravage the townsfolk on its own. You won’t see Mark Lenher bieng a pal to Zahi in the future, methinks, and Zahi is turning to Mass Market forces for his cash now. In the end, Zahi will fall and his replacement will be someone who’s career is currently being engineered by the A.R.E.

        If you are curious, look at these credits, and match them to the times Mark Lenher was at U. of P.

        Just so you know, Mark is still a ‘Company Man’, and is at the A.R.E’s beck-and-call.

        Hope this enlightens.


        1. Hi
          Hi AncientSkyman,where you bin??

          Hawass’ resume makes very interesting reading.Were the whole issue not so important in regard to the dissemination of knowledge of the ancients,it would be amusing to watch alliances form and dissolve in the years to come.


    2. I completely agree
      It agitates me to know that I probably wont know of the ancient knowledge which lies beneath the ruins of a once powerfull civilization. Sigh, I wish I could be discovering it right now…

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