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Anyone seen F for Fake?

  • Noah’s ark discovered?
  • Signs of life on Mars: Part 1. Part 2.
  • Lightning bolt kills Danish cows.
  • How can it rain fish?
  • Terrified of needles? Help is on the horizon.
  • Language may shape human thought. And vice versa?
  • Miracle on probability street.
  • A genetically modified survey.
  • When the body says no.
  • Sedna has invisible moon.
  • Pigs test positive for bird flu.
  • Mystery of Wales turtle solved.
  • Jolts of electricity reviving coral reef off Bali coast.
  • Deepest image of exploded star uncovers bipolar jets.
  • New species of shark uncovered in Germany.
  • Researchers are trying to predict how much rain to expect based on how often lightning strikes.
  • Remains of a prehistoric Berber town have been discovered in Western Sahara and are supposedly 15000 years old.
  • Painter jailed for committing masterpieces.
  • Allegations abound that the Holy Grail has been found.
  • Vast new energy source almost here. Wait for the rises in global temperature that will follow.
  • The bizarre evolution of male genitalia. As if the look of a butchered chicken covered in elbow skin weren’t enough.
  • Sardine migration one of natures’s great wonders. Getting in those tins was a master stroke.
  • Hebrews of the old testament were Arabs. Next it will be neither.
  • Genghis Khan was a contemplative chap.
  • Meteorites supplied Earth life with phosphorus. Earth life? Do they know something?
  • Russia on alert after double jet crash.
  • The Garden of Eden.
  • I’m not guilty, but my brain is.
  • Scientists debate methane on Mars.
  • Viking find extremely significant.

Quote of the Day:

I must believe that at least art is real.