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Reading Phenomena

For anyone looking for some cool articles, there’s been a few nice updates over at the Phenomena website. You’ve got to expect that with writers of the calibre of Rich Dolan, Nick Redfern and Randall Fitzgerald contributing weekly pieces. Here’s the latest from each:

Plenty of other content to check through, take a browse.

  1. Greg Taylor’s Magnanimous Spirit
    Greg, thanks very much for the kind and generous mention
    given those of us still chugging along over at the Phenomena website.
    Needless to say (at least I hope it is needless) I remain a devoted
    reader of The Daily Grail and continue to admire (and be inspired by) your always thought-provoking content. Okay…enough of the nice guy stuff…when are we having those mud-wrestling contests our alter-egos from the lower chakras are so keen about!!??
    best wishes, Randall

    1. Greg Taylor is Just Interested
      Hi Randy,

      If you write it, they will come. Or something like that. Nothing magnanimous about it, I just like to read cool stuff. 🙂

      Peace and Respect

      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Wicca a WWII Conspiracy?
    Great site with great reads.

    I was especially interested (Ive been Wiccan for 20 years) by the article on the site about the origins of modern wicca. Unfortunatley, the author jumps off to the wrong start by assuming that Wiccans claim unbroken lines back to ancient witchcraft/pagan rites and groups. The opposite is true: Wiccans acknowledge the modern origins of thier religion, after all Doreen Valient admits to having written most of the good bits such as the Charge of the Goddess herself in her “Witchcraft for Tomorrow”. However, they DO claim that their religion is based upon and heavily influenced by various older sources including Celtic myth, Hellenic mystery religions, Cabbalah, the Golden Dawn and others. My personal slightly-joking theory is that Old Dorothy Clutterbuck, the suposed originator of Gardnerian Wicca, was Uncle Al Crowley in drag.

    Whatever the truth of that, though, the notion that British Intelligence started Wicca as a posible source of resistance in the case of Nazi invasion and as a counter to Nazi occultists simply doesnt fly. If that had been the plan, then there were already Druidic groups which had existed in Britain for at least 200 years, unburdened by the ethic of “And it harm none, do what thy will” that Wicca inherited from Crowley’s writings and thus far more able to privide militant occultist-warriors. Furthermore, if as the late Chief Druid Ross Nichols alleges in his “Book of Druidry” the Prime Minister Winston Churchill was himself a druid, surely these groups would have been far more in his mind!

    To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

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