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Radio 20-07-2004

Once again, the radio schedules for the first half of the week. Really nice line-up on Coast to Coast (Wednesday night’s show should prove very interesting).

Jeff Rense Show: Monday night Jeff talks to Craig Griffin about the economy and Russell Burrows about the ‘Illinois Mystery Cave’, Tuesday sees Cindy Dale on the ‘Racist Genocide Of Whites In SA’ and Bruce Wiseman on Bush’s plan to mentally screen everyone, on Wednesday Charles R. Smith talks about Dubya targeting Iran while Ross Pelton discusses the nutrional cost of RX drugs, Thursday’s guest is Rudi Weidemann on making your own bio-diesel (sounds dangerous), Friday is regular Brad Steiger, and Saturday is the usual ‘Best of Rense’.

Coast to Coast AM: Monday night George talks to philosopher Michael Grosso concerning a stunning report on the evidence for life after death, Tuesday’s guest is Paola Harris , an Italo-American investigative journalist sharing the latest UFO updates, Wednesday should be a doozy with physicist and UFO investigator Stanton Friedman facing off with SETI supremo Seth Shostak on the subject of UFOs, while Thursday sees well-known psychic-medium Sylvia Browne sharing some of her predictions for the future of the planet.

As always, if you get the chance then stay up late, turn on the radio, put on your dancing shoes and tap-dance to the weird stuff.

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