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Radio 13-07-2004

Once again, the radio schedules for the first half of the week. Where do all these guests come from?

Jeff Rense Show: Tuesday sees Jeff talking to Peter Davenport about eyewitness UFO reports, Wednesday has Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo on the recent news of attacks by a strange animal in Chile as well as regular Jim Marrs, Thursday is Patricia Doyle on emerging diseases and Friday sees Brian Vike discussing BC UFO phenomena

Coast to Coast AM: Monday night divination scholar Michael Tsarion will be discussing Atlantis, aliens and genetic manipulations, Tuesday July 13th Stephen Mehler (of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association) talks about his work with Abd’ El Hakim Awyam, master of indigenous traditions of ancient Khemit (Egypt), Wednesday night George Noory talks to internationally acclaimed psychic medium Hans King, while on Thursday author R. Gary Patterson will share some intriguing premonitions, coincidences, and other urban legends about some of the world’s most beloved and mysterious pop icons

Put on your dancing shoes and tap-dance to the weird stuff.

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