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Radio 05/07/2004

A little bit of a change to the radio listings for the week, just making them a bit more brief as most people go and visit the schedule page anyhow. Here’s the programme for the first half of the week:

Jeff Rense Show: Monday sees Patricia Doyle speaking on “France’s Mad Cow Shocker”, Tuesday sees George Filer’s regular MUFON UFO report, and Friday has another regular in paranormal expert Brad Steiger. Wednesday and Thursday slots are still pending.

Coast to Coast AM: This week C2C leans towards the orthodoxy – on Monday ‘Bad Astronomy’ expert Phil Plait will follow Steve Quayle’s discussion of current events in the first hour. Tuesday sees the best friend of the late Eugene Mallove, Dr. James Kornberg talking on the current epidemic of asthma and other auto-immune diseases. Professor of Anthropology, Brian Fagan, will join George Noory on Wednesday to discuss El Nino and global warming.

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