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You know, they call them fingers…but I’ve never seen them fing.

  • Stephen Hawking says he has cracked the enigma of his Black Hole paradox – and it means a reversal of one of his main hypotheses.
  • For the third time in eight months, classified disks have been reported missing at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Someone building a nuke at home?
  • The concepts behind I, Robot.
  • Trials begin on police gadget which disables cars by firing radiowaves at their computer systems.
  • The fractal origins of Earth’s complex life.
  • The rise and rise of exobiology.
  • Tsk tsk…Nature should have pulled out their Oxford Dictionary, as the term astrobiology has just been added. Keep that in mind next time you play Scrabble…it’s gotta be worth a few points.
  • Ammonia on Mars could mean life (Jim but not as we know it).
  • X-43A – full speed ahead for Mach 10 (that’s over 3 kilometres/second).
  • 35th annual MUFON conference to be held in Denver this weekend.
  • “Why don’t pilots see UFOs?”, by James McDonald.
  • Professor says that aliens have been walking among us for fifty years.
  • Cornfield square‘ still a mystery. At least it’s a nice change from ‘crop circle’.
  • Tales of psychic children. All students proficient at psychokinesis, please raise my hand.
  • The Third Eye: parapsychology in India.
  • Forget about your mouse – volunteers move cursor using power of thought.
  • Entering the world of the shaman, simply by plugging in.
  • Babies’ use of sign language shows their innate sensitivity to communication.
  • Cloud-seeding row erupts in China.
  • The all-seeing eye, and how it enthralled the White House.
  • Abydos, the last resting place of the first kings of Egypt.
  • Woman survives 12-storey plunge.
  • It’s raining fish, hallelujah it’s raining fish.
  • German police resuscitate rabbit after house fire.

Quote of the Day:

I see Hermes, unsuspected, dying, well-beloved, saying to the people, “Do not weep for me, This is not my true country, I have lived banished from my true country — I now go back there, I return to the celestial sphere where every one goes in his turn.

Walt Whitman