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Cassini takes the limelight in space as we reach the second half of the year…

  • Cassini begins its four-year orbit of Saturn today. Wonder if Spirit and Opportunity are feeling like cute child actors grown into pimply-faced teenagers?
  • However, communications concerns with Cassini during orbital insertion due to Canberra weather. Any place that calls 10 degrees Celsius ‘fine’ has seriously bad weather in my opinion.
  • Also: Cassini images Titan’s true colours. And sneaking a peek at Titan’s surface.
  • A British scientist has worked out what a waterfall might sound like in space and put a recording of it on the Internet. Surely a scream should of been first on the agenda?
  • That sneaky speed of light may have changed ‘recently’.
  • The skeptics rush in to ward off dangerous talk about Satan being implicated in the Sicilian fire mysteries. Phew, just stopped the rising tide of irrational thinking in time…I feel safer already.
  • Not so fast. Psychic searches for missing cat.
  • And in Hong Kong, workers held a ghost-appeasing ceremony after a fire extinguisher sprung a leak, shot 12 storeys into the air, and took off a workers arm. That’s one mean fire extinguisher.
  • But the spooks in Leicester prefer the hands-on approach, as ‘ghostbusters’ get poked and slapped around.
  • Roswell to host UFO conference this weekend.
  • More talk of big cats in Scotland.

  • UNESCO needs money to save the world’s ancient monuments.
  • Don’t believe me? Evaluators say Machu Picchu needs to be put on the endangered list.
  • Nano-scale electronic wires developed by US chemists.
  • Glimpse into DNA of cloned embryos reveals serious problems.
  • Study finds the sneakiest primates have the biggest brains. Is that why kids have big heads?
  • Hypnosis can double a woman’s chance of getting pregnant after IVF treatment.
  • Underskin implant allows for simple blood sugar scan of diabetics.
  • If you’ve got $12 million to spare, could you think of anything better to spend it on than a stone that looks like an old woman’s face? Uh, yes – me.
  • Texas vending machine malfunctions and emits poison gas. I don’t think there’s much of a market for that…

Thanks David.

Quote of the Day:

Consciousness is either inexplicable illusion, or else revelation.

C.S. Lewis