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National Treasure

Certainly looks like authors and script-writers are starting to cotton on to the topics we’ve been interested in for years. Fresh on the heels of the book The DaVinci Code comes the movie National Treasure. The movie stars Nicolas Cage, with the plot revolving around a secret treasure with a tradition involving ancient Egypt, the Knights Templar, and Freemasonry. Throw in Oak Island’s money pit, and it sounds like just another day at TDG. So what do you y’all think – will you enjoy it, or pick it to pieces? Thanks to Akemsuegauuij for the heads-up (see this blog).

  1. Nothing new under the sun …
    There’s a new book out which I have to plug at work, “The Rule Of Four” by Ian Caldwell and someone else. The blurb tells us it’s Umberto Eco meets Dan Brown. I haven’t read it yet, but from reviews I’ve seen on Amazon the blurb is a complete lie and the book has very few similarities to either Eco or Brown. It’s like every new fantasy book must have a quote on the front cover comparing it to Tolkein.

    Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” is the Harry Potter of adult fiction and it’s just as bloody boring and over-hyped! My gods, I have never seen so many people make such a fuss over something that is predictable and mediocre.

    So what I am doing, for every customer who buys Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” or Caldwell’s “The Rule of Four”, I’m educating the customer on the original non-fiction books, such as Baigent and Leigh’s “Holy Bloody Holy Grail”, and new titles like “Talisman” by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. Truth is stranger than fiction and people are just jumping on a cloned rollercoaster thinly disguised as a genius piece of literature, instead of looking for the real facts and mysteries.


    “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

    1. Holy Blood, Holy Grail Batman!
      Many years ago, I said to a friend after reading “Holy Blood Holy Grail” by Baigent and Leigh, that it would make an incredible fiction novel. Mystery, suspense, potential for a deep plot and original characters.

      Many years later, pondering Dan Brown’s bank balance, I feel strangely serene …

      “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

    2. Hi Rico,

      The book you ment
      Hi Rico,

      The book you mention ” rule of law” by ian caldwell & dustin thomason is set against a medieval codex “hypnerotomachia poliphili” (8000 hits google) by francesco colonna. Just today recieved it as a birthday present, no mention of d. brown though on the flap [it states; a cross between and d.tartt) as i’ve read only the first pages got no comment on the rest.

      Well it looks as if there’s more than one maniscript(voynich) that stimulates the imagination. Whether it translates into reasonably agreeable movies is quite another. The lord of the rings saga has shown two things- there’s lots of money in it, and with the current level of computerwizardy anything can be brought to the screen. With that in mind, there’s an enormous amount of excellent fantasy and sci-fi written these last decades, which upon release was never deemed suitable for filmscripting, those days are gone and if hollywood lacks ideas or any new defining formats this might be it.

      ” Fear accomplishes nothing but destruction. Fear is the greatest enemy of all that exists on Planet Earth. Fear is bondage, fear is not freedom”

    3. Da Vinci Was Not Gay Either…
      For years the Gay community has tried to sell us on Da Vinci being Gay. He was not according to research. He was challenged to be so and he publically asked the ones who had stated such meet him in public where he would prove it to be a lie. No one showed up. Da Vinci was a great mind…and Gays are not in that reality…or they would not be gay…They only seek to defray their guilt.

      At least that is what I have been told by many psychologists.

      1. Oscar…
        Hi Oscar,

        You can argue the historical debate over whether Leonardo was gay, there’s certainly conflicting evidence for that. But the second half of your message is pure ignorance and bigotry, and I really don’t wish to see such comments on this website.

        Peace and Respect

        You monkeys only think you’re running things

      2. Leonardo
        I don’t think that Leonardo would have admitted his sexuality in the times in which he lived. That would also apply to lots of other people, artists, writers etc who lived in times when homosexuality was not accepted like it is now.
        Look what happened to Oscar Wilde when he outed himself.
        Personally, I have found when I have met really interesting people who are artistic and humane, that I am not surprised when I find they are gay.
        Just a different perspective, I guess.


    4. the real flaw with this movie
      It’s nothing like even the books you mention.

      It irritates me that it turns Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson into treasure hunters and hoarders.

      The Declaration of Independence – oh, of course, exactly where *I* would scrawl a treasure map… Puhleez.

      It obscures the real “treasure” the Founding Fathers of America bequeathed to their people — philosophical, not material.

      I would have hated it even if they didn’t bring in the Money Pit, but having done that, they have now virtually ensured my bile.

      Steven Mizrach
      Academic, Pop Culture Junkie, Grail Recycler

    5. The Da Vinci Code
      Hi Rico,
      I think you and a lot of people who are knowledgable about these themes are missing the point about The Da Vinci Code.
      It doesn’t matter that Dan Brown is a lousy writer, that he does no characterization,no imagery; I feel that his agenda is getting the information to the public in a form they can handle.
      The reason the Christian Church has had such sway over so many people is that they keep them uneducated and poor from too many children and the support they must give the church.
      While the information in Dan Brown’s books has been accessible to the world for hundreds of years, if you searched for it that is, it has not been accessible to the uneducated and poor.
      Now it is.In novel form from every book seller.
      In The Da Vince Code Brown exposes much that is true about the Christian Church.In Angels and Demons he attacks the Illumminati.
      I haven’t read the others but if it purely for a monetary reason he is writing this, it still does not matter.
      What matters is that information is being disseminated that formerly was not readily available.
      I would prefer to have the information whatever the channel, and to decide for myself, than to remain ignorant forever.
      Now I can buy copies of The Da Vinci Code to give to friends and say to them that this book contains questions some people have been asking for thousands of years.
      You can make up your own mind if Brown is right or not, once you have the information.
      I still believe that this book will divide the Christian community like nothing before.


    1. Saving the world
      Un/Fortunately, America boasts the highest per capita of writers and scriptwriters. In America, you’re either a writer or a writer’s best friend (or you know a writer’s best friend, or at the very least shop at the same Walmart as them). Americans write for Americans, there’s no fault in this really; it’s us, the rest of the world, who flock to see American films.

      Besides, I couldn’t imagine Harrison Ford as a Brit, or a Frenchman, or a German, or a Russian (did you see that submarine film?!) …

      Speaking of similar plots/books to Dan Brown’s books, I highly recommend John Case. Dan Easterman. Michael Asher. So many others who are better, more interesting and original writers.


      “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

      1. From Bruckheimer
        While I thought KING ARTHUR was Bruckheimer’s best productions so far, that’s really saying very little. (Anyone know how “true” KA really is? Seriously, I’m curious.) I think we can rest assured that this movie will suck as mcuh as his other films. Remember the historically accurate PEARL HARBOR? What a crock that was and that was actual mainstream history they were rewriting as opposed to the “alternative” stuff we’re trying to get people to believe. This movie will do to us and our interests what PEARL HARBOR did to people who feel the actual event was allowed to happen by the US government–very little in fact, it might even harm our interests. I certainly doubt it will help.

        As for everyone in American being a writer or knowing one, ya got me there. I am one and know several. However, there are plenty of us who are trying to write for everyone on the planet, not just Americans, but the people with the purse-strings just won’t let us make any money doing it. Trust me, I’ve been turned down by many a Hollywood person. Don’t know whether I should be proud of that or not.

        1. MacArthur???
          Hi thepetecom,

          Heres a link to one of maybe 3 or 4 different “Arthur was a Scotsman” theories:

          The simple truth is that Arthur was a TITLE not a name. The celtic words Airth and Ur signify Terrible or Great Bear and would have been assigned as an epithet to any particularly brave and mettlesome warrior leader. The celtic poets would have no higher praise for a warrior-chief than that ” he was a bull in the pathway, a bear in the track”. Similiarly, Merlin or Myrthin is another title, meaning Sea Mount and signifying the British Isle as a whole: in other words the head Druid of Britain was given the epithet which equated him with the Isle in a mystical union. Thus, the many many legends of Arthur and Merlin and the others (yes, the Knights names are all epithets too) from many different places over many different times.

          To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

          1. More Arthur etc.
            The website of John and Caitlin Mathews, celtic scholars, translators and mystics par excellence reports that:

            “John’s illustrated book King Arthur will appear July by Carlton; it includes stills from the new film and seeks to uncover the warrior behind the medieval king and why his legend has proved so enduring. John has just finished a companion on Merlin for Mitchell Beazley. This illustrated study documents Merlin’s origins in Welsh tradition and follows his career as prophet, lover, bard and seer. It includes a Dark Age poem by Merlin, unknown to most readers, newly translated by Caitlín. Both books will co-incide with the release of the King Arthur film and will feature in the next newsletter. John is about to sign The Grail: A Secret History, a fully illustrated look at the long story of the Grail from its beginnings in ancient history to the present renewal of interest, promoted by such fictional retellings as The Da Vinci Code.”

            Their book on the ancient shaman and master bard, Taliesin, as well as their Celtic Reader, are prized features of my bookshelf and I hope to catch up with these titles as soon as possible.

            To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

          2. Awesome, Cernig, thanks for t
            Awesome, Cernig, thanks for the info!! I think that makes perfect sense as to why the Arthur legends are so plentiful and vary over time. Once again, like the Bible, everyone is taking things to literally. I’m sure you’ve heard the one about the Jewish priest who dressed up like an angel, put a “Gabriel” name tag on and had sex with some teenage girl named Mary?

            The world *still* hasn’t learned to laugh at that punchline… 😉

  2. Movie is a movie
    Among my friends, I’ve been saying the Hollywood-types would latch on to the Templar/Crusade fringe once it gained some popularity, which I think Dan Brown has provided. And with the past decade of scores of new books on the subject, it was only a matter of time before someone lifted these materials into a presentable and marketable vehicle.

    I have no problem with the idea of turning the Founding Fathers into Treasure hoarders, why not. It’s a movie and sounds like they may have been able to tie together a diverse set of ideas into an enjoyable 2-hour storyline. That’s not easy to do. Anyone that’s read Eco, etc. can understand how difficult presenting this material in a coherent fashion can be.

    During the early 80s, when JFK & Alien Conspiracies were ultra-fringe, who thought in 10 years a half-decent weekly TV Show could be made into the X-Files and influence the genre. These entertainments can be fun if you don’t nitpick every creative license and inconsistency to death. What the heck.

    1. Sorry, gotta disagree with yo
      Sorry, gotta disagree with you there. X-Files was a fluke that ran on a young network that didn’t have much to lose.

      NATIONAL TREASURE is a film from the makers of THE ROCK, ARMAGEDDON and PEARL HARBOR.

      If Chris Carter was making this movie, I’d have hope, but he hasn’t made anything good since the X-Files movie. At least, IMHO. You’re right when you say that pulling all of the different elements of the story together is difficult, you’re right. But what makes you think that Bruckheimer and Co. will do it well when they couldn’t get PEARL HARBOR right?

      Color me cycnical, but even if I didn’t live in the heart of movie-hell, (Los Angeles), I’d know to not expect a good film from Bruckheimer. NT may be entertaining, but will it be accurate or good?

      An episode of JACKASS can be entertaining. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good show, right?

      Sorry, I’ll shut up about this now since there’s no way anyone’s going to sway me on this…

      1. My hope…
        …is based on that Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio were involved in the screenplay. These guys are good at their job.

        My worry is there’s a LOT of writers attached to this project. A friend of mine who knows Elliot & Rossio says the script was started off by others as just a Founding-Fathers-hid-treasure screenplay but was modified into its current form by them. They have a good track record overall.

        They even wrote a Superman script where Superman dies. Hollywood didn’t like that idea, obviously.

        Anyway, I guess we’ll wait and see if production ruined the writers’ talents.

    1. Oak Island Sir Frances Bacon Watermark and The New Atlantis
      The New Atlantis
      Sir Francis Bacon, Watermarks 1-20

      (Click here to view)
      14. Mr. Ranville Translations of the watermark Reads; Oak Island triangle first, second triangle is on rectangle stone beneath.
      14. These two symbols or designs are from Bacon’s look, The New Atlantis, published in 1669. Note here two triangles formed by the grapes, both resting upon a flower. The upper triangle contains 5 grapes and the lower one 7 grapes, the upper part of the flower helping to form the bottom point of the lower triangle.

      Canadian First Nations
      Treasure Hunter/Researcher
      Keith Ranville

        1. Read more Crusader Blog News
          GRAIL KNIGHT

          Blog News
          United Kingdom may have links to the Oak Island treasure according to history the Knights Templars at the time were the warrior monks that accompanied the crusaders on the march to take over Jerusalem 1099–1187. King Solomon’s treasure may have been the reason behind the take over of the holy city. Excavations were made beneath King Solomon’s temple during the take over of the holy city, a gold box and other covenant artifacts were retrieved from a cave like tunneling entrance that lead under Solomon’s temple

  3. National Treasure
    was an entertaining movie. Not very realistic, but entertaining. It had some fact mixed with fiction, just like a good movie should. We bought the DVD a few years ago.

    not that I am much of a Nick Cage fan…

    if only it were all true..

    I would LOVE to find treasure lol

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