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UFO Monthly

The past year has been a bad year for UFO enthusiasts. Not only did they see the death of one of their most respected peers, Graham Birdsall, but also subsequently the demise of the publication he founded, UFO Magazine. However, some light has appeared on the horizon, with the announcement that Birdsall’s former partner Russel Callaghan has set up a new magazine with UFO researcher Gary Heseltine, titled UFO Monthly.

Due to the prohibitive costs of publication, the new venture is taking a different approach and will offer the magazine in multiple forms – an internet download in PDF, on a CD-ROM, or in a pocket-sized A5 booklet. As an introductory offer, the first edition of UFO Monthly can be downloaded free from the website. Subsequent editions of the magazine will be available for the cheaper than cheap price of £1.50 per download. Get in and support them.

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