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Rense Schedule 14/06 – 19/06

The latest schedule for the Jeff Rense radio show is available. Here’s the full line-up for the coming week:

  • Monday, June 14: Michael Collins Piper – Legendary Journalist

  • Tuesday, June 15: Jonathan Whitcomb – Pteranodons On Pacific Island?, Jeffrey Steinberg – EIR Report, Joan Veon – G8 Conference
  • Wednesday, June 16: Charles R. Smith – World Events, Mickey Z – The Seven Deadly Spins, Skip Goebel – Sorting Out Biodiesel
  • Thursday, June 17: Patricia Doyle PhD – Emerging Diseases, Jani Allan – Outspoken South African Journalist
  • Friday, June 18: Brian Vike – BC UFO Phenomena, Randy – Earth Vs Flying Saucers At The UFO Store
  • Saturday, June 19: Best of Rense (TBA)

As always, you can catch up on older shows in the archives.

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