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Following hot on the heels of the ‘Mexican UFOs’, comes a great deal of excitement about unidentified aerial phenomena in Portugal. While much of the information is yet to hit the ‘Western’ press, we’re lucky enough here at TDG that member Zenedra speaks Portugese and has managed to translate one of the reports for us:

Colonel Carlos Barbosa of the Air force, said to Lusa [this newspaper I am assuming], that the radars of the defence area registered something during 2 or three minutes that wasn’t any aeroplane. On the other hand, the radars of NAV, the radar that guards the air space of Portugal, detected nothing, according to Paulo Lagarto (manager).

The phenomenon is described as a bright light that is intense, white, with smoke and without sound, and it was also detected by controllers of air traffic in Beja and Montijo and also sighted by the firemen in the airport of Lisbon, according to Colonel Carlos Barbosa.

The investigator, a specialist in meteors and meteorites, dismissed also the fact that it was a meteor because it was seen all over Portugal, from north and south.

Thanks Zenedra.