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Nostradamus the Thief

The website of alternative researcher Filip Coppens has been updated with a new article on the famous seer Nostradamus. Titled “Wanted for Theft: Nostradamus“, the article outlines a new line of research into the notorious ‘Centuries’ purportedly written by Michel de Nostradame – that they were in fact written between 1323 and 1328 by a Cistercian monk named Yves de Lessines. Retired professor Rudy Cambier noticed that the French used by Nostradamus was not 16th century French, but rather Picard from the 14th century. His investigations have led him to believe the so-called prophetic documents are in fact a map to the Templar treasure.

  1. the templar treasures
    and by this revelation, just released. until this time, nobody noticed that there was a descrepency in the syntax of medieval french, between the time of Nostradamus, to this very day. Really. This person has revealed, aftert countless readings of this mans writings, that in fact, he could not have written the verses of poetry, because the syntax does not match his time line of literary french dialouge! PLEASE! My God, would someone tell me that we were not asleep, to this extent! That in fact, someone with even the slightest knowledge of the French Language, past and present, would have noticed this discrepancy over the past 500 years or more?
    Thats what I thought. Another attempt at profitering, at the book stand. From anyone that would pay to be decieved from a Johnny come lately. Using the great works of an author of antiquity. To gain profit where they could not deliver their own originality. Do not buy into, either now, or inthe future, anything fromthis persons work. The good part of it is not original. The origianl part is not good.

    1. The Centuries
      If Nostradamus was concerned enough to hide his prophesies in verse, does it not follow that he could have also used a variation of the French language such as Picard to further disguise the true meaning?


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