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Seems like Saturn has been taking some drugs – speed, apparently. Post your thoughts.

  • Saturn rotation period changed since Voyager?
  • Pandemic looms as bird flu mutates.
  • Could a lie last 2000 years?
  • African drug boosts male fertility.
  • Space elevator: momentum building.
  • Fahrenheit 911: questions for Michael Moore.
  • Oldest Americans may prove even older.
  • Magic mushrooms have long been associated with legends of fairies and fantastic literature. But was there a real link to the use of psycho-active fungi?
  • The doors of perception.
  • Oldest sea water discovered in Arctic pool.
  • Did meteor cause microquake?
  • Doomsday: the electrical connection.
  • Massive black hole stumps researchers.
  • Bilingualism may protect the mind from deterioration in old age.
  • Fossils confirm cold spell doomed the dinosaurs.
  • Could dark energy be studied in the lab?
  • Olympic Games – more rough and tumble than noble.
  • Mars scientists marvel at mysterious rock formation.
  • How Hitler became a dictator.
  • Expanding Earth: a symposium.

Quote of the Day:

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.

Hunter S. Thompson